6 Unique Features Every GST Software Need to Have


After the implementation of GST, it has been tough to preserve statistics of massive facts of the organizations that deal with the supply of products and offerings. Though GST has introduced a variety of fantastic changes, the business proprietors didn’t get enough time to put together themselves for the most important taxation trade. Due to the complications and issues like GST calculations has led Government to introduce a particular GST software program that doesn’t always best able to carry out the complex calculations required for calculating month-to-month taxes however also can hold the report of the facts generated each month. It needs to be able to control your budget nicely from stock control to tax compliant, billing to purchasing, the whole thing needs to be protected.

Graet Report

Let’s discuss the vital functions that a GST software wants to have.

After the advent of GST, commercial enterprise proprietors want to upload invoices each month of the wide variety of purchases finished. A software program for tax calculation ought to have a function that ensures the generation of expert invoices and is able to set reminders too. It needs to hold a record of estimates, able to percentage inspiration after the approval of clients and convert them into invoices or income order. For the rapid fee, on-line transaction fee model has to be to be had for customers. The timesheets should be maintained for every worker to understand whether the accounting hours are fulfilled or submitted on time or not.



Another characteristic that a GST software program should have is computerized updating of stock. Whenever you make a sale or buy, it ought to be able to update the inventory and set the customs charges to get an accurate view of income and losses. It needs to be able to organize the stock in line with the product fee and amount with critical information along with stocks and SKU. It ought to be able to create buy orders to talk your requirements to the involved vendor with most readability. The GST software has to now not only be able to tune the inventory but additionally the entire journey from production to shipping.

Bank Reconciliation
One of the important features that each business want to have in its accounting software is the automated banking feeds. As the enterprise grown, the variety of transactions increases and therefore, guide access of every product individually turns into a bit hard. This is why, it’s crucial to have a software program solution that continues a right record of banking transactions, categorize them in an order and reconcile them in few clicks. A GST software program should have a banking dashboard to give a hassle-free evaluate the entire coins flow.


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GST- Filing
Your software need to be GST-prepared. A software this is GST compliant and is able to keep a record of returns, submitting of taxes, and make payments. It need to be able to song sales of registered and unregistered customers that allows you to claim the tax credits appropriately. The software must be able to outline SGST, CSGST, IGST tax charges and levy them on every transaction that you do. It ought to be automatic to an volume of paying taxes on its very own.

Contact Management
Contact management is some thing which is very vital while you’re walking enterprise. Organizing information of customers, companies in a single place, billing deal with of concerned contacts, default price terms and so on. It need to be capable of view the exquisite quantities, statements and beyond transactions for higher knowledge, allow your customers to view the transactions and supply comments at the same.

The committed GST software program must be capable of make knowledgeable commercial enterprise selections based on actual time and correct data if you want to decorate your income and purchases. An automatic software can analyze your enterprise overall performance and beautify it into a faster application. It have to understand a way to prepare balance worksheets, cash flows right away. It can’t simplest track all purchase activity but additionally be capable of view your getting older summary, reveal income and so on.


Wrapping Up

A reliable software resolves all of your accounting query and save your time with the aid of automating the whole thing. It permit you to song all of the essential info associated with your enterprise be it submitting taxes, claiming returns, generating invoices, defining roles of monetary statistics and so on. There are several codecs of invoices that are required by way of unique businesses in step with their revenue generate and the taxes they have to report. Therefore, the software program have to be able to generating invoices in exclusive codecs. This is how, you could control your enterprise in an prepared manner and invest your treasured time in its increase as opposed to handling the price range.

This article has been contributed with the aid of Priya Sharma, economic consultant at GST Keeper. GST Keeper is an internet GST portal for whole range of GST services.

GST Considerations For New Business Owners

The Goods and Services Tax or GST is a intake tax that is charged on maximum goods and services bought inside Canada, regardless of in which your enterprise is placed. Subject to certain exceptions, all businesses are required to charge GST, presently at 5%, plus relevant provincial sales taxes. A commercial enterprise effectively acts as an agent for Revenue Canada with the aid of collecting the taxes and remitting them on a periodic basis. Businesses also are authorized to say the taxes paid on expenses incurred that relate to their commercial enterprise sports. These are called Input Tax Credits.

Does Your Business Need to Register?

Prior to conducting any type of commercial hobby in Canada, all enterprise owners want to determine how the GST and applicable provincial taxes practice to them. Essentially, all corporations that sell items and services in Canada, for income, are required to charge GST, besides inside the following occasions:

Estimated income for the commercial enterprise for four consecutive calendar quarters is predicted to be much less than $30,000. Revenue Canada views these corporations as small providers and they’re therefore exempt.
The enterprise hobby is GST exempt. Exempt items and offerings includes residential land and assets, infant care offerings, maximum health and clinical services and so on.
Although a small supplier, i.E. A enterprise with annual income much less than $30,000 isn’t always required to document for GST, in some instances it is useful to achieve this. Since a commercial enterprise can best claim Input Tax Credits (GST paid on prices) if they may be registered, many companies, particularly in the begin up section where prices exceed income, may additionally locate that they are able to recover a massive amount of taxes. This has to be balanced in opposition to the potential competitive benefit accomplished from no longer charging the GST, in addition to the additional administrative costs (trouble) from having to report returns.

How to Register:

Prior to registering, you must make certain that they have all the essential facts which include the name, location, organizational structure and fiscal yr cease of your commercial enterprise.

Per the CRA Website, you may sign up inside the following ways:

By net the usage of Business Registration Online (BRO). If you are a non-resident you cannot sign up this manner.
By calling our Business Enquiries line at 1-800-959-5525.
By mailing or faxing a finished Form RC1, Request for a Business Number (BN) to your tax services workplace.
How Often Should You File Your GST:

Revenue Canada allows the GST returns to be filed month-to-month, quarterly or yearly, depending in your annual sales. If sales are less than $1.5 Million you could pick out to document annually or greater regularly. Businesses with income exceeding $6 million MUST report monthly.

Since income taxes can gather main to a sizable liability, it’d make experience to select a extra common filing length, if you experience such as you might be lacking the area to section the price range. Additionally a extra frequent filing period may be tremendous if you count on to have greater prices than sales, seeing that your enterprise will be entitled to a refund.

An annual submitting period is convenient if you most effective do your bookkeeping sporadically, seeing that interest and penalties are charged on balances owing for late filings. Another advantage of an annual reporting period is that you may invest the GST accumulated in an hobby bearing account till due.

Regardless of which filing frequency is selected, it’s far vital to make sure that you keep entire and correct accounting data and also you select an accounting software program this is able to calculate and music GST (thereby taking into account smooth and efficient dealing with of the inevitable requests for facts and tax evaluation). Ideally the software may even generate sales tax reviews that can be without difficulty transcribed. Although returns can presently be filed manually or online, it’s miles typically extra expedient to file them online.

Ronika Khanna is an impartial accounting profesesional and founder of Montreal Financial. For more

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