Administrator: More body of workers, new software program could resource economic controls


After Emmet County audit effects were provided and a felony opinion approximately county fund transfers presented on Monday, intervening time county administrator Mary Mitchell described how proposed county workforce additions and software updates should help solve a few monetary inner controls.

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In June, Mitchell proposed to the Emmet County commissioners to lease several personnel to enhance economic controls. These positions encompass facilities and property supervisor, a shopping director, and a human assets director.

On the side of investing in a new financial and accounting software program, Mitchell said those positions would help address the specific worries highlighted within the county’s audit.

“The new device goes to deal with each difficulty. I can’t guarantee that we’ll have an easy, no problem audit locating. We received to have one this unsightly next 12 months. However, we may additionally nevertheless have the findings, and that they can also say that is an ongoing issue. Still, we see that steps are underway to restore it,” Mitchell stated.

During the county’s dialogue with county finance legal professional John Axe and county auditor Doug Vredeveld, each recommended that the county consider hiring a buying director and centralizing monetary movements within the finance branch, as opposed to having every branch manage them independently.


Other troubles highlighted using the county’s auditor encompass the want for a two-step magazine access evaluation, capital assets sign up with a periodically carried out bodily inventory of county capital belongings, structures to deal with the coins collections and receipts, and written processes to allow the county departments to function at the same web page. “These aren’t new problems, but I think they got here too mild because of the extra audit that we’re carrying out,” Mitchell stated.

The audit performed via Vredeveld Haefner is the annual county audit, designed to ensure the county’s monetary statements shape the truth of the operation. It’s extra of a huge perspective view looking over the entire county operation, rather than a zoom-in towards precise issues. The lately hired Rehmann Robson firm is to behavior a forensic audit to look at more in-depth economic controls within the county.

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Mitchell additionally supplied the county with a document that indicates the county’s cutting-edge coins function, with a total of $23 million to be had. The record also highlighted what price range had been already spoken for diverse finances and tasks and what price range had been available to assist pay for upcoming tasks, like the roof restore for the county courthouse constructing and shopping a brand new accounting software.

“There was a declaration some months lower back that the county has $30 million in the bank. But that’s not an accurate declaration. Almost $18 million of our present-day county coins is already exact for a particular use. That most effective lets in for a little greater than $3 million to be had for the county to apply,” Mitchell said.

Along with the brand new positions and a brand new accounting machine, Mitchell said she hopes to prepare for the future retirement of modern monetary director Cynthia Van Allen via hiring a parallel financial director. Because the county may also purchase a more up-to-date economic gadget, Mitchell said the contemporary economic director could use the antique system. The parallel financial director can train on the new software and take over whilst the county makes the very last transfer.

The Emmet County Board of Commissioners is predicted to bear in mind the requests at some point of its subsequent assembly at 6 p.M. Today, Thursday, on the Emmet County Building in Petoskey.

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