Beauty in all sizes and styles


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek – Acclaimed Namibian fashion dressmaker and makeup artist Hannah Nangula-Kolokwe keeps making waves inside the splendor enterprise. Pinehas Nakaziko visited her studio.

Well acknowledged for beautifying the presenters and hosts at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) over the last years, Hannah takes satisfaction in her ardor and beliefs inside the significance of fashion and expert pores and skin care for all sexes.
She additionally believes that splendor is available in all sizes and styles.


“My task is to decorate it. I am captivated with makeup and I discover pleasure on this artwork form,” she enthuses.

She additionally provides a variety of different beauty services which include makeup art, eyebrow microblogging, eyelash extensions and makeup training for individuals and agencies.
Recognized as one of the first-rate make-up artists inside the united states, Hannah says the name of the game in the back of that is simply difficult work and creative questioning.

“I am constantly searching ahead to mastering new techniques and [creating] products to live in song with the state-of-the-art trends within the enterprise.”

Hannah says a make-up artist is an artist, whose medium is the human body, who applies makeup and prosthetics for the theater, television, movie, style, magazines and other comparable productions, inclusive of all aspects of the modeling enterprise. Mostly, the role of a make-up artist is to apply makeup to presenters, at photo shoots and weddings.


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Makeup artists also work on artists who want to film a track video, women going to a matric farewell and many others.

She is an educated make-up artist from the College of the Arts (COTA) and started out together with her first activity in 2010 on the Namibia Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC).

In the equal or, she also carried out makeup for a few humans to praise their attire.
“I continually knew that my qualification could require me to turn out to be self-employed – so I needed to reflect on consideration on what to do after commencement.”

Hannah has also worked on makeup for local celebrities including Dillish Mathews, Ruby Nakaambo, Lucy Kangombe and Uejaa Kazondunge.
She says being on this enterprise makes her glad. “I’m doing what I love, and earn a living from it.”

Apart from makeup, Hannah host makeup seminars, and workshops country wide as part of giving lower back to the network, underneath the topic ‘Makeup Master Class’.


“I noticed that the country needs quick makeup guides in the united states. Some customers best want to enhance their makeup techniques for private use, whilst some girls aspire to turn out to be expert makeup artists themselves, however, they do now not have the time to go to school on a full-time foundation or possibly there aren’t any such colleges in their domestic city,” Hannah explains approximately why she came up with the undertaking.

She says the market is massive sufficient for one to make a respectable living from it.“It isn’t clean, and one has to install long hours of labor, which requires time.”
Her customers consist of Namibians from all walks of existence.

This 12 months Hannah intends to head from metropolis to town to provide makeup training. She additionally plans to launch her new studio.

“I am also getting ready to start providing my eyebrow microblogging and eyelash services. I earlier attended training in Cape Town, South Africa, so I am excited. Most importantly, I want to maintain mastering to come to be higher at what I do,” she says.

In 5 years’ time, Hannah envisions having varied her enterprise portfolio and to take gain of new opportunities in the industry.

She currently describes herself as an entrepreneur who became her qualification in style layout from the College of the Arts right into a commercial enterprise.

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