Beyond splendor: Ornamental birds flip in tidy sum for farmer


A clucking chorus greets you first, but wait until seeing the birds.

The moment you lay your eyes on them you’ll recognize you have got arrived at Rina farm, where the luxury of viewing a group of more than 30 species of unique ornamental birds, chickens, geese, turkeys, and goose awaits you.

From Araucana chook which originated from Chile to Appenzeller originating from Switzerland, Brahma and Rhode Island Red from the US, Rosecomb from Great Britain to Silkie from China.

When the Seeds of Gold visited the farm located in Ukunda, Kwale County, the owner, Fina Kyule Nyamai, become busy feeding the birds.

Mrs. Nyamai, forty-five, a nurse running at Likoni Hospital in Mombasa County, says she started rearing ornamental birds farming after seeing them on a neighboring farm.


“The birds my neighbor changed into maintaining were particular. After seeing them I right away wanted to do the same,” provides the nurse.

With a capital of Sh47,000, Mrs. Nyamai says she sold diverse species of unique chickens and started in December 2014.

She bought a couple of Araucana, a couple of Rheinlander, a couple of Kuchi, a pair of Rosecomb Bantam, a pair of Sussex chook and a couple of Polish fowl. Others were a couple of Silkies, a couple of Wyandotte and one Appenzeller.

Through WhatsApp, she turned into able to connect to decorative chook farmers locally and the world over.

“From the WhatsApp organization, I become able to get other species of individual bird, geese, goose and other birds from other farmers,” she explains.

Ms. Nyamai provides that she later spent Sh300,000 extra buying more wonderful species of chook, birds, ducks, goose, and pigeons from farmers in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Tanzania.

The fowl covered Jersey Giant, Leghorn, Pekin Bantam, even as the ducks which protected Swedish blue, Khaki Campbell, Indian runner, Mallard, and Pekin. Others had been Greylag goose, Egyptian goose, guinea fowls species including white guinea bird, lavender, vulturine and white chest.

Pigeons blanketed Indian fantail and American fantail in addition to species of Turkeys.

Currently, she has 800 mature birds.


The funding is now really worth Sh2 million such as infrastructure which includes cages, water reservoir, and incubators.

Ms. Nyamai says ultimate 12 months she earned a profit of Sh500,000 from the sale of day-antique chicks and eggs. She sells day vintage distinctive chicks at Sh300 every, chicken and duck eggs at Sh200 each, even as goose move Sh500 every.

From the chick and egg income, the farmer earns Sh150,000 according to month.

Her important venture, she says, is the excessively excessive fee of chicken feeds. Other challenges are sicknesses along with Newcastle, Gumboro, and fowlpox, however, she has been in a position to overcome them thru vaccinating her birds.

She feeds the mature chickens and geese with layer mash, veggies and presents them smooth consuming water.


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Last 12 months, she teamed up with a collection of different hen farmers to form Mwambao Poultry Products Marketing Cooperative Society to assist in advertising their merchandise.

“The purpose of forming the cooperative became additionally to enable us to have a voice in lobbying for inexpensive chicken feeds,” says Mrs. Nyamai who sells her chicks and eggs to farmers who go to her farm at Ukunda.

Farmers from Diani, Mombasa, Malindi, Nairobi, Machakos, Nakuru in addition to from Tanzania and Rwanda are amongst her clients.

Ms. Nyamai says that her farm is used as a version farm in Kwale County in which local farmers can visit and research capabilities of chicken husbandry.

Her future plan is to show her farm into a learning center wherein farmers, students from primary up to college stage can go to and get knowledge on the rooster and decorative birds maintaining.

She hopes centre can even attract local and international fowl fans who can pay to view the birds.

“I also plan to assemble a cafeteria for you to serve dishes of the various species of chickens and geese I keep at my farm,” she says.

To maintain your bird’s health, Dr. Mwita says the birds ought to be saved in properly ventilated houses, take delivery of easy water and meals.

Mombasa County veterinary officer Dr. Jones Mwita, says ornamental birds are very sensitive species. He says they face risks from viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases.

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