Blocking Bullying

What is bullying?

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When it comes to bullying, everything is unwanted. The comments are unwanted, and the physical contact is unwanted; the made jokes are also unwanted. That is what usually confuses people as they sometimes feel as though they are just having fun or playing around with another individual when they are belittling and putting down the other person’s self-esteem. This becomes torture for an individual be subject to this type of behavior every single day. Bullying is an unwelcomed violent and destructive conduct amongst school aged children, teenagers, pre-adolescents and can be carried over into adulthood as well. The behavior is usually repetitive over a long period of time; it could be a whole school year or a whole duration in high school, college, university … There is always an imbalance of power, whereas one individual is stronger physically, intellectually, emotionally than the other. It could also be a situation where one individual has more information regarding the other person and uses the information to blackmail, control, or harm the other person. Bullying could also be in the form of threatening a person or spreading rumors about an individual, whether it is true or not. Some have gone to the extent of even cyberbullying, where they spread information about individuals online for the whole world to see. Culprits will even take inappropriate pictures of the victim and share them online for the world to see without getting approval or consent from the victim.  Bullying can be expressed verbally through name calling, comments (as mentioned previously), teasing, and more. Social bullying also consists of purposely leaving or rejecting someone to make them feel bad about themselves. Physical bullying is with body strength when a person will dominate another with their body.

Who Gets Affected?

Bullying is a self-inflicting notion where both the victim and culprit are deteriorating their own physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. Unknowing to the culprit, when he/she broke the pair of newly purchased blue blocker glasses that belonged to the victim, they were setting themselves up for a life of destruction. Though in the interim, it may feel self-gratifying, it simply demonstrates that the culprit has a deep sense of insecurity and low self-esteem. This behavior is damaging not only for the one being bullied but also for committing the act. It shows that they have either been bullied before or they do not feel comfortable in their own skill. Whatever the case, maybe there is a clear demonstration of lack when it comes to their personality.

What To Do

When a situation arises in your presence, and you notice an individual being bullied and/or being put down for whatever reason, do not ignore it! We usually ignore the situation and pretend that we did not see anything but do not turn a blind eye to it. Ensure that you pay report to either an individual or a superior, regardless of who it may be; make sure to let someone know what you witnessed. Block the feelings of indifference or fear to approach someone. You are the only one that can make a difference; if you do not report it, who will? If you do not say anything, then who will? You are the witness who would have noticed everything; therefore, if you decide not to speak up about it, who will actually speak up for the person? Nobody. Get the courage to say something so that you can make a difference someway somehow.

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