Can Someone Drive Your Car If They Are Not on Your Insurance?

If you have a car, you may be insured to drive it. However, what about someone driving your vehicle yet not guaranteed? These are common issues, such as lending a friend your car or borrowing to get to work.

While it may be perfectly legal for a friend to drive your car, it is a different matter, whether insured or not. Other States’ laws on the minimum required insurance differ. However, the rule of comprehensive auto insurance is that insurance follows your car and not your driver, as Claims Journal reported.


Why A Car Accident Lawyer?

Things are different with a good car accident lawyer; you can get insights into protecting yourself and your car’s driver. The lawyers at Ellis Law Corporation also have additional information to help you understand what steps to take to protect yourself from liability.

In this article, you will learn what may happen if someone drives your car and whether they are insured. Read on.

Can I Insure My Car Under Someone Else?

When insuring a car, the owner becomes the “named insured.” On the other hand, some insurance firms allow it if another person wants to pay insurance coverage for your car.

For example, if you assisted your friend with your car and got into an accident, yet both of you are insured, what next?

In such a situation, your car insurance gets the primary insurance coverage from your insurance. And because your friend will have car insurance, the insurance will cover your friend’s secondary range. In other words, if your friend causes an accident with your car, you are the one who will file a claim, face the wrath of increased rates, and pay your deductible.

These consequences may not seem fair to you – especially knowing you didn’t cause an accident. Therefore, this is a matter you should take seriously. Before you allow a friend or relative to jump into your car, make it clear whether they can help you pay deductibles in case of an accident.

What Happens When A Friend Without His Insurance Causes An Accident?

A friend may come to you and want to use your ride. He causes the accident, yet he does not have insurance; that is a different scenario. Since you allowed him to drive the car, you will be held liable for some damages caused.

If the accident damages exceed your car’s insurance limit, the party affected may decide to sue you. Unfortunately, you will pay for the damages.

Don’t allow an individual without insurance to drive your car. You are, therefore, forced to pay some of the damages your vehicle caused in an accident.

The Bottom Line

An essential thing before you give your car to a friend is to check with your insurance firm. You will know the damages or the individual the insurance will cover. In case an accident occurs, there are damages to be paid. You will likely settle all the bills without reliable, trustworthy, and honest insurance. Nevertheless, any accident involving your car increases your auto insurance rate: even if you are the one who was driving.

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