Conference Explores Educational Sovereignty for the Navajo Nation

More than 70 Navajo instructors, directors, and counselors from four states convened at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Arizona, on June 20 and 21 to explore challenges and techniques for promoting instructional sovereignty for the Navajo Nation.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Timothy Benally set the tone for the conference by challenging the participants to study the shape and politics. Additionally, the curriculum is vital to move closer to authentic educational sovereignty for the Navajo Nation.

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Dr. Manley Begay, Jr., from Northern Arizona University and a member of the board of trustees at Fielding Graduate University, added the keynote deal on “Navajo Nation Building: Challenges and Hopes for the Future.”


Navajo graduates from the Fielding Graduate University doctoral application provided their studies associated with infusing Navajo values, lifestyle, language, and records into the curriculum and advancing education possibilities within the Nation. Major sections for discussion at the convention protected Navajo goals for Navajo education, Navajo culture and standards, powerful study room guidance, and better Education and expert improvement.

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A regular topic explored using both the speakers and the target market of Navajo educators changed into how schooling may be better aligned with the Mission of the Department of Diné Education, which is “to provide lifelong studying for the Navajo People and to make certain the cultural integrity and sovereignty of the Navajo Nation.” Specific research changed into offering how to integrate weaving, Navajo introduction testimonies, drumming, and making a song into the curriculum.

Dr. Tommy Lewis, Superintendent of Schools for the Department of Diné Education, spoke about instructor schooling and what is being done to improve coaching, gain knowledge, and academic fulfillment.

Committee Investigates Failing State of Indian Education

“Attaining the best degree of schooling inclusive of certification and licensures is important for our teachers, principals, directors, and superintendents,” stated Dr. Lewis. “Producing scholarly fabric on first-rate practices, leadership, ethics, teaching, and learning is critical so others can examine from those who recognize best what subjects and what’s crucial.”


Dr. Barbara Mink

Also mentioned were ideas provided through Cecilia Tso on remodeling the Navajo Nation Teacher Education Consortium (NNTEC) to catalyze educational reform and create a Resource Center/Clearing House for Navajo educators. Dr. Henry Fowler said, “Education is one of the essential additives for the Navajo Nation to successfully construct a brighter future for the Navajo kids.

Tso, Program Manager of NNTEC, said, “NNTEC has been doing this work for more than 25 years; nowadays’s research and records will affect the subsequent a hundred years closer to our purpose of instructional sovereignty. Therefore, the Navajo language and lifestyle must be embedded into our structures throughout our Nation. Navajo teachers/educators are the turnkeys for our destiny generations to remain a sovereign Nation.”

Tso introduced that the Navajo Nation Teacher Education Consortium addresses improving training for the Navajo Nation by producing extraordinary teachers for Navajo Nation colleges. To expand its effect, NNTEC may join other educational establishments and high school systems affecting Navajo training to create greater applications for Navajo instructors.

The last session explored the studies that future Navajo doctoral college students could adopt to strengthen the Navajo educational gadget. Ms. Rose Graham, Program Director of the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance (SFA), and Dr. Barbara Mink, Program Director of the School of Leadership Studies of the Fielding Graduate University, indicated that they’re devoted to working with and assisting, Navajo educators who’re interested in pursuing superior stages.

Increasing Equity and Access Through Competency-based Education: What Do We Know?
The instructional conference became, at the same time, organized and backed by the Navajo Nation, the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship and Financial Assistance, the Navajo Nation Teacher Education Consortium, the Department of Diné Education, and the Fielding Graduate University (Santa Barbara, CA).

Plans are underway to broaden a graduate schooling cohort of Navajo peers who would like paintings collectively on instructional challenges in the Nation. Ms. Tso recommended that past graduates preserve networking with government departments to proportion their studies and assist with issues, monetary improvement, and academic sovereignty.

Restoring Educational Hope in Poor Schools

Poor schools offer negative training for the loss of vital sources and educational materials and systems necessary to assist youngsters in holding close Education in great viable ways. The sector’s destiny is based on the faculty going kids since it transforms them into success engineers, medical doctors, lawyers, innovators, or entrepreneurs who now not only increase a network but also the sector at large. Apart from giving the children education, they deserve to accept exceptional schooling.

Unfortunately, no longer all youngsters are hopeful of their destiny thru training. Poor faculties find it hard to offer exceptional schooling to children, which reduces their ability to develop to their full capability. Such youngsters can’t absorb successful career paths and change into the experts they wish to be. Even developed nations will still have far-flung areas that struggle to give satisfactory schooling. There are negative faculties worldwide, and because of this, masses of children are missing out on possibilities that would have transformed them into what they desire to be their destiny.

Importance of Education

Education is going past studying how to read and write. Through schooling, a man or woman becomes aware of who she or he is and receives contact with the sector and all its capabilities. Through training, competencies, and passions are discovered. Brains are delivered to the center, and experts are born. It is how inventions are made, and through such innovations, the world has evolved through the years. Natural skills and sharpness coupled with great schooling offer an upward thrust to trouble solvers, which is what the sector wishes the maximum. Without education, the arena might nevertheless be in the Stone Age technology.

The destiny of the arena relies on training. Every baby has something they may be top in, and without the right Education, it cannot be possible for them to be found. Science and era are crucial in making personal, network, countrywide, and international developmental modifications. It makes it critical for every toddler to revel in good schooling to be fine. They may be for the safety of the future. Educational hope may be restored via donations committed to technological know-how and era. The little brains can be opened and sharpened through non-earnings agencies with the great interests of each poor infant at heart.

The businesses gather donated gadgets and supply them to deserving terrible schools to improve the learning revel of the kids. Old and new equipment are ideal as long as they may feature their motive as ways to instruct a needy child. Through such instructional companies, desire is restored within the lives of many underprivileged children in bad schools and less fortunate international locations. By reaching out to the youngsters, they can work toward a direction they’re created to absorb to make the arena a higher region.

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