Custom BigCommerce Designs or Templates

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Many BigCommerce merchants don’t realize their store’s design can make or break their emblem. Having an expert-searching, well-designed keep is vital to make a mark. BigCommerce offers several loose themes, lots of that could do the process. But occasionally, it is probably well worth your even to move the more mile and provide your clients with something custom.

Factors That Affect the Decision

Going with a current Bigcommerce Design template has its blessings. You can set up and launch. You are save fast with no foremost funding. With over 50 templates in the shop and new ones being brought constantly, there may be plenty of choices too. And even if you lose interest in a theme or topic that is not giving you the capability you require, you could constantly switch to another one.

This is useful if you are beginning out and have a restrained price range to paint with. Unfortunately, your keep should become getting misplaced inside the blend in the end. The good information is that you may usually personalize your website online later.

Your price range has a crucial position to play in your choice. It will cost you if you want a completely custom-made BigCommerce layout. Custom designs are difficult and require consistent tweaking for an exceptional cease result. Complications ought to arise at any time. If matters don’t pass your manner, your launch plans may get critically hampered properly.

Your different preference is to head for minor customizations to a current design. This allows you to add sure functions for your internet site that makes it precise without breaking the financial institution.

Understanding Your Business Requirements

What type of BigCommerce design will give you the desired results depends on the enterprise you deal in. Some niches are inherently more reliant on branding. For instance, if you’re a jeweler, you want a unique website that separates your emblem from the relaxation. When managing jewelry and style products, customers like to discover brands. Once they begin trusting one, they may keep coming return. Your website needs to be designed to make an impression on your clients. It would help if you agreed with it, and a frequent website will now not do this.

Let’s take plumbing device providers, however. They don’t require flashy, extraordinarily customized BigCommerce designs. Their market is exceptional. They could make do with minor customizations to present themes. Think about the capability of your internet site. Is the checkout procedure as clean as it should be? Is your shop as easy to navigate as possible? How can you improve the buying revel in your save by customizing its BigCommerce design?

You May Need Help

The reality is that even if your BigCommerce saves are doing well with an unfastened template proper now, in the end, you’ll have interaction in a few degrees of customization. This is vital if you need to stay aggressive. Your quality guess would be to take assistance from a reputable BigCommerce design partner like 1 Digital Agency.

At 1 Digital Agency, we’ve got a team of professionals who are not the simplest masters of BigCommerce designs and customizations but apprehend eCommerce. We comprehend that every commercial enterprise has unique characteristics and requirements. We can assist in deciding on what type of design will beautify your emblem. Call us at 888-982-8269 or touch us for a quote.

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Templates or Custom or Builders – Oh My!

Creating an internet presence is getting more and simpler for corporations to do, and there are numerous alternatives to pick to commence. An internet site can be constructed using a pre-designed template, custom-made with the assistance of professional developers, or a DIY method using internet builder applications.

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Each of these layout tactics has its very own benefits and disadvantages. While having a variety of options could appear advantageous, this kind of huge desire for alternatives can purpose the manner to be overwhelming and perplexing. Below is an evaluation of the three alternatives to apply while determining which is most appropriate for any specific layout necessities.


Custom BigCommerce Designs or Templates 11



A custom sample is truly the option if a professionally designed website is the preferred give-up result, unlike anything else already on the internet. Every detail in this plan is hand-tailored to create a website’s identity, and the cease result is one-of-a-type.

Advantages – The key gain of getting a custom design is that it’s far the first-rate manner to logo a website, to painting a positive company image with unlimited feature options restricted handiest with the aid of the capabilities of the clothier. Getting a custom internet introduction is very time-saving as the entirety is created for the consumer. The designer will contend with the whole thing, leaving only the choice of a vital subject to determine.

Disadvantages – Custom design is the maximum pricey way to create an internet site. It is time-consuming, considering all desired capabilities should be made independently; it could take one or months to finish. Since the whole lot is customized, all paintings are hand-tailor-made with modern-day thoughts, increasing the value.

Web Builder

There are internet builder programs if a do-it-yourself sort of internet site is desired. By subscribing and paying a certain month-to-month fee, a package is supplied with which a simple website can be created and usually comes with unfastened hosting.

Advantages – This building program is the less costly alternative as the customer finishes the paintings. A club charge is paid, which supplies a builder percentage and educational materials. It is not difficult to do as maximum sample elements offer commands on finishing the content material, then uploading the stop result to a service provider.

Disadvantages – The drawback of this builder program is that the stop result is quite simple and, in all likelihood, stupid, with limited customization available and a look equal to many other websites. When this technique is selected, the result is very just like others on the internet. Personalization past what is offered is non-existent.


A template design is a good choice for a choice halfway between satisfaction and affordability. This offers a partially finished option that still lets in for some tweaking. There are several templates with various optionally available features and some customization alternatives.

Advantages – Template design could be very low-cost since it takes less time to complete and does allow for some personalization for a unique appearance.

Disadvantages – A drawback to constructing an internet site from a template is that personalization remains confined. Deciding how to create an internet site does not need to be puzzling. It comes down to a desire between satisfactory customization and value. If a corporation desires an exact on-web page presence, customization is the handiest course to arrive at the preferred result. In the long run, knowing whether cost or first-rate is essential will cause the ideal choice for any business! The final result depends on the talents of the clothier, who will most likely not be as creative or professional as a custom designer.

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