Essential Tips for A Fire Investigation

If you have been recently faced with an unfortunate fire incident on your premises, you must conduct a fire investigation with the assistance of a professional investigating team.

 Fire Investigation

Listed below are a few tips that will help you make a more informed decision in the course of this investigation.

Be Amenable To Changes

Even though your team of forensic experts could deduce potential hypotheses based on the initial scene and the information that had been recuperated from it, you must be conscientious of the fact that this would be prone to change. As newer information surfaces and older information is seen differently, there might be radical revisions in the possible theories. Additionally, the investigation would follow the route of a fire investigation and not an arson one.

When it comes to determining the origin and the cause of the fire, all sides of the coin have to be taken into account. In doing so, you would be required to document all the possible reasons why you think the fire could have started and otherwise. This train of logic would have to be held valid in a court of law in front of a judge, jury, and other investigators. As these investigations are conducted a while, even years after the actual incident, it is possible that your memory regarding the causes might get a little blurry. Thereby, make sure that you have them noted properly.

Be Organized

The scene of the fire post the incident could be a haphazard location to decode. Examining the fire scene will most definitely be a daunting experience, not to mention that because of the destruction and the potential presence of hazardous objects over a large surface area, it would be arduous to investigate the scene linearly. In this case, you would have to take the initiative to investigate as organized as possible so that no detail goes missing. For this, please make use of checklists and track every detail you find important, and mark it in a notebook.

Document All Details

In this scenario, it is elemental that you have all your details recorded in the form of photographs, notes, and sketches so that they can all be used to build up a line of investigation and give it a correct direction and, if necessary, be presented in court. Although you might think that detail is incongruous with the channel of investigation at the time, in the future, that same detail could be easily contextualized to come to a new conclusion. The initial examination of these details would also be a crucial determinant of the success of any imminent court proceedings or even a cold case review.

Hire Professionals

Make sure that the team you are recruiting for the investigation is a reputed one and has the necessary skills and machinery at their disposal to conduct a thorough and accurate examination at optimal times. This would add credibility to your case and take away a great deal of stress and hassle off of your shoulders. Remember that a good team of professional fire investigators could potentially make or break the case. Therefore, you must settle down on the right team for your purposes.

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