Fashion is virtually art for Diego Gutierrez Monterrubio


It’s no longer often everyday oldsters discover themselves in a serendipitous moment however inside the lifestyles of an artist it’s far more likely. That’s just what befell to Diego Gutierrez Monterrubio, who recently launched a brand new line of clothing with VIDA design collaborative out of San Francisco.


This is not Monterrubio’s first foray into fashion. Inspiration commenced

Alienationwith his mother, Rita Monterrubio, who has been a dress designer for more than 50 years. And he’s CEO/proprietor and head fashion designer for Bellezaful, an urban fashion line aimed at spotting the splendor of all Latina girls.

He wrote in an e-mail, “Being around fabric and a master fashion designer for the maximum of my lifestyles, you generally tend to watch things, and ideas have been meandering around my innovative mind for several years to design my own line of apparel.”

While his Bellezaful line is sporty and fun and appropriate for every age, the Diego Monterrubio Collection skews a bit better-end with greater than 100 designs ranging from tops, scarves, pillows, capri pants, and exquisite purses and snatch bags.


“They are fun and quirky for day by day use, however, I actually have additionally created very cosmopolitan designs that have been worn within the streets of Paris, New York, and Mexico City.”

VIDA is a worldwide partnership, connecting artists with producers to supply and design merchandise. Their collections had been featured in WWD, HSN, Fashionista, and Fashion Times.


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The business enterprise had approached Monterrubio a number of instances to collaborate, but his busy agenda of art exhibitions (including this spring at Metro Galleries) and paintings as an adjunct artwork professor at Bakersfield College had deterred him. But he located he could not flip down the modern-day offer, which VIDA made the remaining year.

For the road, he included designs from current paintings, together with his vibrant-hued High Heel paintings and Pop Art-stimulated Novela series. But he also created new snap shots based totally on the styles.

“Once I (become) able to see the styles for the garb, I went into a ‘create and layout’ mode for this line. That first night I became so inspired that I created over 20 designs in much less than an hour.

“I had a brand new palette to play with: fabric, cuts, and layout.”

One of his favorites in the line is “Colibri,” which translates to the hummingbird.

“This design got here immediately from a portray of mine approximately a hummingbird visit I had one time while sitting in my domestic in Mexico. It changed into a surreal and neat second.”

For now, the road is to be had only through the VIDA web site (shopvida.Com/diego-monterrubio). The artist might eventually like which will sell domestically, however, for now, could be content material running on seasonal collections.

“The artwork speaks to me. I see my paintings and envision, similar to my mom, a design in fabrics on a three-dimensional form.”

And his busy agenda maintains: He will exhibit his new series and artwork in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, next month.

Knowing More About Fashion Design History

If you are seeking to be one of the awesome style designers on the time you have to take into account that the style fashion designer of these days did no longer come to be notable over night time, maximum of them find out about style layout history. Now, this doesn’t imply that you have to too, however you’ll find that if you want to get into fashion, you will want to know the bits and bobs of the industry. This method that you will need to visit a few type of a fashion designing college or college. If you do that you will find that many style faculties will touch on style layout history, and this can be executed because the history of fashion design it’s far crucial.

You might not assume that it’s far while you are beginning out, but when you turn out to be a large name brand, that you probably dream of, you’ll discover that you will need to drag thoughts from all walks of lifestyles. This means that you’ll get a purchase that needs to have a get dressed made with effects as some distance returned because of the 1800’s. If you do not understand approximately the records of style at that point, you may find that you may grow to be turning that client away.



The first component that a customer wants to hear once they ask you for a piece is a concept or. You need so as to understand what you are speaking approximately, and the only way that this is going to take place is if you had been to already recognize about the duration of the piece they’re seeking out you to create. The history is not made to bore you, and it is not there to simply tell you approximately what passed off the one’s days in style. It isn’t a brand new update; it has more to do with the history of all of the designs, so you are able to see what fashion has gone via and what the style gave the impression of.

You will also locate that lots of the style of the 1980’s are returning these days, so fashion from the 60’s, you’ll find, is again too. This is why it is vital with a view to understanding approximately the records of style layout, due to the fact if the enterprise turned into all at once to take a flip for that era, you may be left at the back of.

You will need to recognize the art influence on fashion from the 1800’s and that it turned into all started out by one guy that changed into not afraid to expose what he had to do. That is the important thing to turning into an outstanding style fashion designer, but you want to recognize that you will have the style that human beings will purchase.

Handbags, shoes and a good deal of different matters make up the style enterprise so that you will need to recognize a little extra approximately the style design history of this stuff too, in case you are going to make style accessories and not simply garments.