Finance department to take call on Advocate General retainership fee suggestion sent through Home department


Days after it blocked the Home department’s suggestion looking for appointment of a retired IAS officer, Prithi Chand, as OSD to Punjab Advocate General Atul Nanda, the finance department is now in the method of taking a call on a file touching on revised emoluments of an AG sent by means of the Home department. Following a correspondence from the Home department which came with phrases and conditions relating to retainer ship price and different allowances to take delivery of to AG, the finance branch, resources said, is ready to position the ball inside the court docket of the Home department to take a name.
As in step with the phrases and situations despatched via the Home branch, AG is to be paid a retainer ship fee of Rs 2.Five lakh in keeping with month, revised from Rs 1.10 lakh retainer-ship price paid in advance, or the pay or allowances admissible to a cupboard minister.
SC Ruling On SYL A Boon, Says Haryana Additional Advocate General


The retainer ship charge is the quantity paid to an AG for now not taking on any case in opposition to the government. Former AG at some point of the SAD-BJP government used to get Rs1.10 lakh as retainer ship rate.
“The Administrative department (in this example Home branch) will take a decision whether AG is to be paid all pay and allowances, perks equivalent to a cabinet minister or otherwise. In case this is executed, do his pay, allowances and perks exceed that of a cabinet minister,” sources inside the monetary department said.
While justifying the hike in the retainer ship rate of AG from Rs1.1 lakh to Rs 2.Five lakh, the Home branch talked about that when revision of the remunerations, an Additional AG become entitled to get a revised remuneration of Rs 1.Four lakh and this created an “anomaly”, necessitating revision of the retainers fee.
According to the Finance Department authentic, the retainers fee of AG turned into revised to Rs 2.5 lakh together with others on November 3, 2016, but couldn’t be carried out after the code of conduct was imposed for the Punjab Assembly elections.

IT Financing Offers Purchasing and Upgrade Solutions


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Numerous companies could be reliant on the installation of a sophisticated Information Technology (IT) system that allows you to continue to be aggressive in their market. Without get entry to the era provided with the aid of a cutting side IT system, a commercial enterprise might not be very restrained in how it conducts operations. That might surely gift a roadblock whilst seeking to succeed in an aggressive market. Also troubling would be the fact an old, previous IT gadget can present all manner of protection risks.

So, why do so many businesses depend upon older, less efficient IT systems? The answer is the groups genuinely can’t have enough money to upgrade. Based on modern cash float projections, the enterprise should continue to be reliant on using the IT infrastructure it currently has in location. Or does it? For the ones agencies wishing to improve however are quick on available funds, it’s miles possible to discover options for IT financing.

Financing IT Equipment Is No Different Than Procuring Other Types of Loans

The way the financing agreement works is a business might apply to borrow funds from a provider that focuses on long or short time period investment for IT wishes. The borrower may are seeking for full or partial financing for a buy and then make the monthly payments as distinct within the financing settlement. Access to such lending capital guarantees that IT wishes never need to be left out due to cash waft concerns and liquidity never has to placed at the chance as a way to purchase the new system.


That said, this form of IT financing is only one technique. There is any other way it may be achieved.

IT Financing as a Line of Credit

A provider that offers to finance for Information Technology may also present a settlement that comes within the shape of a line of credit. Basically, when the time comes whilst your business wishes to buy new IT equipment or technology, price range may be accessed thru a pre-accredited line of credit score. In addition to using the line of credit score to cover equipment fees and purchases, the line of credit score may be used to cover restore paintings, software enhancements and other IT needs. Best of all, a line of credit may be accessed at any time. So, when a business requires immediate financing, it could honestly take benefit of its to be had credit score line.

The Benefits of Working with an IT Financing Service

In addition to getting access to finances and protective cash float, there are other benefits that can be won from operating with a reputable financing carrier. The provider ought to provide flexible payment plans. This can allow a business to better budget itself whilst it’s far looking for to upgrade or update its cutting-edge IT technology. Down bills might not be required which similarly lessens the fees of procuring financing. For those companies in need of it, it is probably feasible to be afforded off balance sheet financing.

IT financing surely gives a method to issues over the costs related to preserving an IT infrastructure. All business reliant on a reliable IT gadget need to actually be aware of what financing options are to be had.

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