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Great Lakes Lighthouses

The Great Lakes Cruises offer visitors an opportunity to see some of the fascinating lighthouses along the Great Lakes coastlines. The Great Lakes have more than 200 active lighthouses that expertly guide ships along the vast 11,000-mile stretch of coastline. While many of these lighthouses have gone dark over the years, they continue to provide visitors an insight into the rich culture and local history that has evolved over the centuries. Book your appointment and get on board with Great Lakes Cruises to visit these picturesque lighthouses that allow the visitors to take a peek at the past while admiring the beauty of the present.

Great Lakes Lighthouses

Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota

The Split Rock Light Station is a majestic lighthouse situated southwest of Silver Bay, along the North coast of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Widely considered the most picturesque lighthouse in the United States, the Split Rock Lighthouse was built in 1910 and continued to function until 1969. In 2011, the lighthouse was made a National Historic Landmark.

The beautiful lighthouse can be accessed from the Lake Superior International Highway close to Two Harbors, Minnesota. The lighthouse and its accompanying State Park with its hiking trails, waterways, campgrounds, and natural landscapes offer a beautiful escape into the heart of nature.

Apostle Island Lighthouses, Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands offer one of the largest and most beautiful collections of lighthouses in the United States. Some of these wondrous lighthouses include:

  • Raspberry Island Lighthouse
  • Old Michigan Island Lighthouse
  • Sand Island Lighthouse
  • Old LaPointe Lighthouse
  • New LaPointe Light Tower
  • Outer Island Lighthouse
  • Devils Island Light Tower
  • Chequamegon Point Light Tower
  • New Michigan Island Light Tower

Each of these light towers has a rich history and represents the culture of the locality. Most of the Apostle Island Lighthouses have accompanying tourist attractions, including museums where the history can be closely studied. All the locations offer a peek into the Apostle Islands’ beautiful landscape, fit for a Great Lakes Cruise destination.

Marquette Harbor Light, Michigan

Situated along Lake Superior in Michigan, the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse forms a part of the Upper Peninsula and has been an active aid to maritime navigation for 168 years. The picturesque lighthouse is accompanied by a museum and offers a beautiful view of greenery and the seemingly limitless pool of surrounding water.

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, Illinois

Constructed along with the Chicago River’s mouth in 1832, this automated active lighthouse was designated a Chicago Landmark in 2003. The lighthouse is the only surviving lighthouse in Chicago. It offers a great opportunity to dive deeper into the rich history of Chicago with the accompanying attractions and exhibits. The Great Lakes Cruise is one of the best ways to see this lighthouse up close and personal since access is not permitted due to the lighthouse being an active navigation aid.

Buffalo Lighthouse, New York

The Buffalo Lighthouse stands proudly at the Buffalo River/Erie Canal’s mouth and represents the site of one of the oldest lighthouses in the region. The lighthouse is a part of the public museum that serves as a bustling tourist attraction, providing a chance to look closely at the tower’s history and the land surrounding it.

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