GST impact: Apple iPhone, iPad & Mac expenses in any respect-time low

With the advent of the new tax regime — Goods and Services Tax (GST) beginning July 1, all mobile phones have attracted a 12 in line with the cent of GST, which makes the maximum of the handsets through at least 4-five in step with cent steeply-priced while comparison to the pre-GST days. But that is not happening with the products from Apple and a few others. With the approaching GST, Apple iPhones, iPads, iMac, MacBook, and different products using the Cupertino principal receives a prime charge cut using nearly 7.5 in step with the cent.

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iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7

As a GST effect, iPhone 7 (256GB garage variation) turned to be had at Rs 92,000 submit GST, but is now up on the market at the employer website at Rs eighty-five, seventy-two four hundred, which is almost Rs 6,600 lesser. Conversely, the iPhone 7 32GB and 128GB had been in advance available at a charge of seventy-two 000 and Rs 82,000, respectively. Post GST, each of the versions of the iPhone 7 is now to be had for getting at Rs 67,300 and Rs seventy-six two hundred. In this manner, the iPhone 7 with 32GB garage receives as much as Rs 4,700, while the 128GB variant rate is slashed by Rs 5,800. Also, Re GST impact on mobile smartphone payments: Here is how a good deal you may pay for 4G and calls from July 1

iPhone 7 additionally gets a rate reduction with the new tax regime. The 32GB variation changed into in advance available at Rs 60,000; now, with the approaching GST, the handset is to be had at Rs fifty-six  two hundred. With that, iPhone 7 (32GB) gets a rate reduction of Rs 3,800. Alternatively, the 128GB and 256GB had been to be had at Rs 70,000 and Rs eighty 000. Now, each fashion will be valued at Rs 65,2 hundred and Rs 74,400. This way, the iPhone 7 128GB and 256GB fashions get a price reduction of Rs four,800 and Rs 5, IPhonesix hundred respect iPhone

Post-GST6s Plus and iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus (32GB) was priced at Rs post-GST implementation earlier. The tool is now available at Rs fifty-six, hundred, which means that the handset gets a fee slashed by up to Rs three 900. While on the other hand, the 128GB storage version of the iPhone 6s Plus became earlier available at Rs 70,000, and now it’s miles to be had at Rs 65,000.


After GST, iPhone 6s 32GB and 128GB are to be had at Rs forty-six,900, and Rs fifty-five,900 respectively. iPhone 6s with 32GB storage changed into in advance priced at Rs 50,000, even as the 128GB variation was available at Rs 60,000.

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iPhone SE

iPhone SE – 32GB and 128GB publish GST had been to be had in India at Rs 27 two hundred and Rs 37,2 hundred, respectively. After the GST implementation, each model gets a charge reduction and is available at Rs 26,000 (32GB) and Rs 35,000 (128GB). Apple has started promoting the “Made-in-India” iPhone SE in pick stores. “Apple is promoting iPhone SE in India at pick shops. These telephones have been assembled in India on a trial basis in restricted portions,” an industry supplier informed PTI.


Apart from the iPhones, other Apple products like – MacBook Air (13. Three-inch), MacBook, and MacBook Pro additionally get a price cut and are available at a beginning charge of Rs seventy-seven 200, Rs 1,04,800, and Rs 1,04,900, respectively. Apple iMac series, which consists of — 27-Inch iMac, iMac (21.5-inch), Mac Mini, and Mac Pro prices, are also slashed.

Apple iPad collection

iPad (9.7-inch) with Wi-Fi is to be had in three variations in India — 32GB and 128GB, which pre-GST sixty-five to be had at Rs 28,900 and Rs 36,900. After the rate reduction, each iPad (9.7-inch) with 32GB is now to be had Rs 28,000 and while the 128Gb is available at Rs 35 seven-hundred. After the rate cut, IPad mini four with 128GB Wi-Fi became available at Rs 34,900. The tool is available at Rs 33,800. While the iPad mini 4 (128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular) is now available at Rs. Forty-four 500, which changed into in advance priced at Rs 45,900. Also Read: GST set to make telephones steeply-priced: How much will the iPhone eight or next Xiaomi phone price?

iPad Pro (10.5-inch) with Wi-Fi aid and 64GB became in advance priced at Rs 52,900, 256GB become to be had at Rs 60,900, even as the 512GB was priced at Rs seventy-six,900, the gadgets are now available at Rs 50,800, Rs fifty-eight,300 and Rs seventy-three,900 respectively. IPad Pro (12. Five-inch) also gets a rate cut. IPad Pro (12. Five-inch) 64GB turned in advance priced at Rs sixty-five 900, 256GB changed into available at Rs seventy-three 900, and 512GB cost around Rs 89,900. After the charge reduces, the iPad Pro (12.5-inch) with 64GB will be at Rs sixty-three 500, 256GB at Rs 70,900, and 512GB variation at Rs 86 four hundred.

Apple MacBook series

MacBook Air (thirteen.3-inch) with 128GB SSD is now to be had at Rs seventy-seven, two hundred which was in advance to be had at Rs eighty 900. While however, MacBook (12. Zero-inch) with 1.2GHz became advance available at Rs 1,09,900 and is now priced at Rs 1,04,800. MacBook (12.0-inch) with 1.3GHz after GST is priced at Rs 1,28 seven hundred, which changed into in advance priced at Rs 1,34,900. MacBook Pro (thirteen. Three-inch) charges also receive slashed, which in advance become to be had at a starting fee of Rs 1,09,900, is now to be had to the consumers at a starting price of Rs 1,04,900.

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