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How to Effectively Capture Customer Feedback for your Business

If you run an online business, gathering and implementing customer feedback can differentiate your success and failure. Customers are the ones that are directly interacting with your product, and if you want to make improvements to your smartphone app or web portal, the best people to ask are the ones who use it most.

They can give you a fresh perspective on your software, which may not immediately be evident to you or your website-building partner. Read on to find out the best ways to gather customer feedback for your business!

How to Effectively Capture Customer Feedback for your Business 11

Utilize Online Survey Forms

Over the past few years, online forms and surveys such as Google Forms, TypeForm, or JotForm have become prevalent in collecting customer data. This is because they are straightforward to understand for your users. According to the criteria, all users must follow the provided link and fill in the form.

An advantage of this form of customer feedback is that it retains your customers’ anonymity and protects their information while providing a convenient information source that can be easily converted and analyzed. You can then use this information to gain insight into your customer’s demands and make appropriate business decisions.

Make Use of Social Media Platforms

These days, the best way to get customer insight is by directly reaching out and asking them. To reach your customers, you need to go where they spend their time. Most of your clients will be on the most popular platforms, like Instagram and Facebook.

Your customers can post their queries and complaints on your social media pages, and you can even solve some issues instantly by directly supplying your customers with relevant information. Moreover, you can even make polls, have your customers vote between two products, and gather feedback about the demand.

Incorporate Feedback Boxes on your Website

The feedback you want most is from the users that visit your website regularly. They are the ones that interact with your products the most, and they can provide you with relevant information that can help improve your business.

A useful element to incorporate into your website’s design is to include a feedback box at the bottom of your website’s pages, so users can directly send you relevant examples of malfunctions or areas of improvement. Ironing out these small bugs will significantly raise the overall level of your website’s offering and providing new customers with a better user experience.

Use a Chatbot

Nowadays, many top businesses have invested in chatbot technology, which allows a technical specialist to interact directly with visitors to your website. A small widget is displayed on your homepage where customers can now ask a company representative any questions they may have.

This process boosts conversions since customers only have one or two queries that make them unsure of a purchase. If your sales representative can answer these questions promptly, you can also increase your conversion rate.

Prototype and Minimum Viable Product

If your website or app is still developing, you can use this opportunity to gather invaluable feedback about your product. The best way to gather feedback and improve is to include a prototype and minimum viable product in your project roadmap.

The prototype stage will provide you with a vertical slice of your final product, and you can use this to gain insight into your app’s direction. A minimum viable product can provide your customers with a basic version of your final product, and you can identify critical areas of improvement this way.

Effectively capturing customer feedback is essential to your online business’s success. To ensure your product has the necessary features and functions to gather feedback data effectively, you need to use a trusted app development platform such as

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