iPhone Won’t Connect To The Internet

If you are experiencing this problem, please check out the following topics to learn how to fix this issue and regain access to the internet.

If your iPhone won’t connect to the Internet, there’s only one thing to do – replace it. It sounds wild, right?

But what if I told you there was a solution to fix this problem? Yes, there is a solution. It’s called a USB modem, and it can save your day.

USB modems are tiny computers that plug into your phone via USB and act as your cellular connection.

If you need a USB modem, here’s everything you need to know about them, including where to buy them, how much they cost, and more.

When your iPhone doesn’t connect to the internet, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. It could be that the Wi-Fi isn’t working properly, or your phone needs an update installed. Or it could be something wrong with your network or router. Whatever the reason, here’s what to do when your iPhone doesn’t connect to the internet.

iPhone Won't Connect To The Internet

Fix iPhone internet connection problems.

As smartphones have evolved from phones to mobile devices, they have become more powerful than many desktop computers.

However, a smartphone’s ability to connect to the Internet has become a problem for many users.

If your iPhone won’t connect to the Internet, there’s only one thing to do – replace it. It sounds wild, right?

The issue could be an iOS update, a bad battery, or an Apple problem.

If you’ve tried everything, here are three more things to try before you throw your phone away and buy a new one.

Fix the battery. Your iPhone’s battery isn’t going to last forever. It might not be because of an update when it starts to drain. It could also be a sign that your iPhone needs a replacement. ‘Check the charging cable. It’s common for a smartphone to get its power from an AC adapter connected to a wall socket. If you’ve already checked the battery and the charger, and nothing has changed, it’s time to review the power adapter.

How to connect iphone to the internet

The problem is these modems aren’t always reliable. Sometimes they stop working, and you’re left with no option other than to buy a new one.

Thankfully, you can use a cheap USB modem instead. Just plug it into your iPhone, and it’ll instantly connect to the Internet. It’s the best solution for those with unreliable USB modems.

We tested several cheap USB modems on the iPhone 7 and found that the Motorola SBG5510 and the Sainsmart SM56 are great options. The Motorola SBG5510 is a solid choice if you don’t mind its lack of an integrated Wi-Fi chip. But the Sainsmart SM56 has the same price and better hardware. And while the Motorola SBG5510 will let you make calls over Wi-Fi, the Sainsmart SM56 has a built-in speakerphone.

Connect iphone to wifi.

If your iPhone won’t connect to the Internet, there’s only one thing to do – replace it. It sounds wild, right?

 It might be because the SIM card is damaged or the battery is dying. Whatever the case, if you want to save your data, you’ll need to replace it.

Replacing an iPhone is relatively easy. You go to the Apple Store and ask them to swap your current iPhone for a new one. It’s that simple.

But how do you know if you should get a 32GB or 64GB iPhone? There are some differences between the two models, so let’s look at what you can expect when you choose one over the other. 32GB iPhone The 32GB iPhone has 3GB of memory, meaning it can store around 3,000 songs, about 1,000 photos, and about 700 videos.

Check The Network Settings

If you have an iPhone, chances are you’ve had this issue. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably still having problems.

The solution is simple. Connect your iPhone to another device, such as an iPad or computer, and look at your network settings.

If your iPhone is connected to the Internet, it should show up as a Wi-Fi hotspot. If it appears as a mobile hotspot, your iPhone isn’t connecting to the Internet.

While this seems basic, it’s a common problem that even Apple support can’t fix. So just be sure to check that your iPhone is connected to the right network.

Frequently asked questions about the Internet.

Q: My iPhone won’t connect to the internet. What should I do?

A: This happens when your iPhone does not have a good connection. The first thing you should do is ensure it is charging. You can also try using another device to test whether it works. You could also try downloading an app or game from the App Store to see if it is compatible with your phone.

Q: How do I check if my iPhone has a good connection?

A: You should enter your settings and go to Wireless & Network. From there, you should see a list of options. If it says “Connected to, “it is connected to a wireless network.

Q: I get this error message when downloading an app or game. What should I do?

A: Your iPhone probably cannot download an app because it already uses all its available storage space.

Top Myths About the Internet

  1. Your iPhone won’t connect to the internet.
  2. It would help if you used a different internet service provider.
  3. Your iPhone’s problem has nothing to do with your wireless service provider.


This is something that I experienced for myself. After spending over three weeks without internet, I finally got it working again.

You’ll need to ensure you have a strong data signal (which we’ll cover more in-depth in this article). Once that’s established, you must enter your settings and turn on airplane mode. This will stop your phone from connecting to the internet until it needs it.

After turning airplane mode back on, you must go into your Wi-Fi settings and connect to a network. You’ll have to restart your device if you can’t find your desired network.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to go into airplane mode again, turn off Wi-Fi, and then turn it back on. Finally, you’ll need to go to Settings > Cellular and see if you can find your carrier. Once you have that information, you can go into your carrier’s website and see what carrier frequencies your area is using. You’ll want to use the network closest to your location to minimize the distance your phone travels.

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