Ivanti makes wonder buy of UEM provider RES Software


Ivan raised the eyebrows of IT specialists with its second acquisition of a user surroundings management company in as a few years.

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Avanti received RES Software on Wednesday for its automation generation and huge worldwide patron base, consistent with the enterprise, which renamed itself after systems management company LANDesk merged with Heat Software earlier this yr. Avanti will maintain to sell RES Software’s products, use its own, larger support groups to help RES customers, and provide distinct product package combinations, CEO Steve Daly said. Experts did not assume this deal because Ivan received any other user surroundings management (UEM) agency, AppSense, in March 2016.


“Like many others, I am very surprised via the purchase,” said Rory Monaghan, an unbiased consultant in Phoenix. “In my opinion, it’s also a better general product than AppSense. If it was me, I could have simply sold RES Software.”


What you get with RES

RES Software sets itself apart from other UEM software companies thru its automation and identification management competencies. The reason for the RES ONE line of products is to shop IT specialists legwork by routinely assigning appropriate roles to users’ PCs and cell gadgets once they onboard at a corporation. The software also establishes a virtual profile for every consumer to the song their credentials and permit and disallow them get admission to corporate content.


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On the alternative hand, AppSense gives extraordinary security features, consisting of application whitelisting talents. Avanti plans to provide bundles that encompass different combinations of stand on my own merchandise from AppSense and RES Software, plus different technologies in its portfolio, to customers inside the long term, Daly stated.

Avanti gives more than one UEM products which include Endpoint Manager from LANDesk and DesktopNow from AppSense to manipulate an employer’s PCs and assist with OS migrations. The company’s principal supplying is the IT Asset Management Suite for monitoring hardware and software licenses, prices, lifecycles and extra. It additionally gives patch control software program including Patch for Endpoints.

“In the following 30 to 60 days we will have a clear roadmap for clients on how we’ll flow forward,” Daly said.

What comes subsequent?

Avanti will not stop any products from RES Software and could hold to aid current customers, who will have get right of entry to the identical sales and assist humans they have now, Daly stated. Avanti has extra than 2,000 personnel, so there could be a bigger guide staff globally than RES Software customers may be acquainted with today, he said.


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Through the purchase, Avanti additionally gains RES Software’s global patron base. In Europe, RES is stronger and has a more potent presence than AppSense did, Monaghan stated.

In the subsequent 30 to 60 days we’ll have a clear roadmap for clients on how we’re going to circulate ahead.
Steve Daly
CEO, Ivan
“In the U.S., I even have worked with many greater clients who used AppSense,” he stated.

The motivation at the back of Ivan’s more than one acquisitions is to compete with larger vendors in the UEM marketplace, together with Citrix and VMware, stated Eric Klein, director of the cellular software program at VDC Research Group in Natick, Mass. Avanti is a big agency with greater than $500 million in revenue, Daly said, however, is competing with large carriers really worth billions.

“They desired to be a bigger participant right here and pass beyond what they obtained from AppSense,” Klein said. “They are setting themselves in an area to be a strong [end-user computing] player.”

Avanti will try to take market share from both VMware and Citrix amongst medium-size organizations and use its aggregate of received technologies to attract them, Klein stated.

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