KacheeTee: Hey Blogger! Here are four Ways to Gain Followers & Increase Blog Traffic


Every time a person asks me about my blog, KacheeTee.Com, I’m short to provide an explanation for how a good deal I simply honestly love writing, sharing information and building a network. When they begin to ask about the technical bits of blogging, my temper change becomes almost visible. And that’s because I pretty dislike the latter. I honestly sit up for days while all I have to do is write, even as other humans fear about technicalities. From editing, to picture sourcing, to search engine marketing & plugins, design, and functionality of the blog and many others. Oh, and of course, the hardest of all of them – developing your weblog and building a target audience.


I lately unsubscribed from multiple electronic mail lists that constantly declare to have the recommendations on developing your blog – multiplying your e-mail listing from 1 to one thousand in every week, building your Pinterest and the usage of that platform to develop your blog, supplying offerings, freebies & merchandise to incentivise human beings. While it’s all precise recommendation – and actually a terrific way to construct your following, it’s without a doubt not up against my alley. And for lots bloggers who simply begin up and are seeking to gain a few following, it’s not likely to work for them as well.

First, there’s a distinction between visitors and a network. You ought to have just one publish which ranks actually top on Google, such that it drives people to your blog often. But then after studying it, they bounce away. This applies to imparting freebies in charge for a subscription to a mailing listing. Many instances, once I acquire the freebie, I’d probably unsubscribe, besides there’s something else retaining me returned.

Building a community, but, is extraordinary! And that’s what I (and I expect many bloggers) need. I want to attract a group of human beings that surely love playing out on this cyberspace – for what they benefit from it: concept, facts or simply excellent on’ laughter. A group of folks that encourage each different through their remarks and interactions. I need a set of human beings I can, perhaps, get to understand as people and share of their tales. I likely say it too frequently, however connecting with humans here has been one of the best elements of this journey. I love how in the interim, I can spot new commenters at the blog and I surely have an idea of the personalities behind many of my readers (who leave comments!)

All of this, however, stems from natural increase, and as even the largest bloggers will tell you, these things often take time and it’s a manner. Very few humans actually start a blog and get to a hundred,000 subscribers the next day. To be sincere, you’re probably to develop this kind of network through referrals out of your readers and setting yourself available.


So those are a few approaches I (in my little experience) assume we can increase our exposure and readership.

Post on large structures
Yes, like I’m doing on here. In fact, I recognize a reality that pretty a number of my cutting-edge readers discovered me thru the various articles I had published on BN. And I realize lots of people who have gained traction and created their own following through posting regularly on BellaNaija and different huge platforms. BellaNaija, it appears, has almost turned out to be a springboard for constructing a following and gaining exposure in Nigeria.

But there are others as well. Just these days, I got a message asking if I’d be inclined to share authentic articles on a positive platform. They have pretty a large outreach and I understand that if I do move in advance to simply accept that thought, I’m probably to get some new readers. I was tempted to ask if this changed into a paid possibility. But should the solution come lower back inside the affirmative (which I doubt) I didn’t need to be swayed to accept, due to the fact I, in reality, don’t assume my personal emblem vibes with that platform especially? And so, while posting on large blogs or platforms, there are some things to endure in mind.

First is the type of emblem you want to construct and the kind of humans you’re hoping to attract. Not all massive platforms can be an awesome match for you. It’s k to be selective. Also, consider the content material you put accessible.

Remember that not like your non-public area, you have very little manipulated over what you put out and any next feedback. So be careful, and possibly expand a piece of hard skin for grievance.

Finally, just because you posted a blog submit on a platform with 10 million everyday views doesn’t imply you’d get an entire lot of readers. So manage your expectations and recognize that some dependable those who will locate you and stick around are extraordinarily precious!

Allow Guest Posts / Interview Features
Guests posts are an outstanding way to attain out to a larger target audience. By allowing other bloggers or authors visitor post for your weblog, you’re circuitously achieving out to their very own community, as in many cases, they will are seeking for to proportion with their followers. It’s frequently a -manner dating that works. Just ensure the submit is applicable on your platform and of the route, one your followers will want to examine.

In addition, I, in my opinion, love entering into people’s heads and understanding what they suppose. It didn’t take long to incorporate a laugh interviews on an extensive range of subjects on my blog. These have grown to be many reader’s favorites. Although I had no hidden intentions, I’ve realized that interviewees, similar to visitor posters regularly re-share their capabilities – once more spreading it to a bigger crowd. But, don’t go into this hoping all and sundry will percentage – you simply might be disillusioned!

Connect with other bloggers / running blog networks
In the blogging world, connecting with other bloggers is very useful. And as a developing blogger, one of the easier approaches to get yourself out there is too frequently go away useful comments on other blogs and your internet link as nicely.

As long as you’re now not leaving spam comments, the one’s bloggers (and in the long run their readers) are likely to hook up with you. Think of it as dropping your e-commercial enterprise card. But – and this is a large ‘but’, do not sense that you need to connect with every single blogger just to gain publicity. Or even leave ‘satisfactory’ feedback that you genuinely don’t consider or believe.

Also, there are pretty some of running a blog networks/ corporations which help hook up with different bloggers, share recommendations and assets and sell content. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, it’s useful to select a pair of these and participate.

Consider giveaways / social media ads
Giveaways are an amazing way as well to draw people because it leads them to you inside the first instance. But on the other hand, there needs to be greater to preserve them once they’ve participated or gained. You might also have noticed extra subsidized ads on your Instagram timeline. These are now quite easy to tug off (and lower priced).

So you could pick out to reinforce an Instagram or Facebook submit in a bid to attain more humans.

Finally, consistency they are saying is the key. But, only second to superb content, of direction. So be sure your content provides some sort of value, and attempt to hold improving at it.
Be regular; if humans understand you put up often, it’s check-in of their heads and they’re probable to return. In all of this though, we want to determine why we really want 1,000,000 fans. Because as I’ve realized, you may nevertheless make an impact, begin a business or create value with the few hundreds that you have.


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So don’t look ahead to that massive following. Be ambitious enough to take little steps, and leverage for your current networks – your Facebook pals, Twitter following, BBM & Whatsapp contacts and so on. These are the first set of human beings likely to examine and percentage your content material, so don’t ignore them!

Let’s talk. Are you a blogger? What are your favorite and simplest methods to grow your following? What are your demanding situations?

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