Mineral fibre ceiling tiles

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are a sequence range of beautiful acoustically lightweight boards. They offer outstanding levels of sound penetration and have exceeding resistance to high humidity while still giving a fresh, clean look. The strong nature of the material makes it conveniently fitting for use in leisure and circulation surfaces where resistance to impact can become a problem.

The range of sequence provides a full acoustics solution for any room and space by offering choices of acoustic ceiling tiles, rafts, baffles, circles, and acoustic wall panels.

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Mineral fiber ceiling tiles with sequence prints

  • Sound absorption
  • Fire attainment
  • Power weight
  • Tile stowing
  • cleaning and sanitation
  • Available

Sequence prints allow you to design your own artwork. You can print your own photographs, artwork, and designs onto high sound absorbing wall panels and ceiling rafts. These panels are covered with weave fabric which allows sound to pass through the material and into the absorbing sound panel, and they come in 25mm or 40mm in thickness and all types and sizes of rectangles and squares. This range allows you to be as open and creative as you like, with the freedom to create a unique and attractive interior. Sequence prints in Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are easy to install and can be fixed to the wall with a contact adhesive or with a wall spiral hook system for detachable panels. If hanging rafts are needed, an easy ceiling suspension system is required.

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Sequence shape rafts

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles also feature sequence shape rafts to mix and match shapes and add another interior design dimension. There are over 60 colors and shades, 25 shapes, and over 18 different shapes for you to choose and design your raft. Some of the features of sequence shape rafts include:

No echo or vibrations

  • Absorbs all levels of sound
  • Adds color, shape, and texture to any setting
  • Sequence wall panels

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles offer sequence wall panels that allow you to cut and shape to suit your needs and offer unlimited aesthetic options.

  • RAL colors, white finish, or fabric finishes are provided
  • Easy framing system
  • Resistance to any level of humidity
  • Light-weight and easy to handle
  • Sequence Acoustic Baffles

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles offer sequence acoustic baffles are panels that can be hung in patterns or rows. They are supported by mineral wool core and factory finish face and require minimal maintenance.

  • Enduring mineral wool core
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent absorption
  • Humidity resistant

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