Moseneke to lead Life Esidimeni tragedy mediation


Gauteng – Retired Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke has been appointed to lead mediation between the government and the cherished ones of the Life Esidimeni victims, the Gauteng provincial government has confirmed.

An agreement becomes reached between Health Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, Gauteng Premier David Makhura and the sufferers and households of the affected patients, to have Moseneke lead the Alternative Dispute Resolution method.


“The file of the Health Ombud[sman] recommends that ‘the country wide minister must facilitate a system jointly with the choicest of the province to touch all affected individuals and families and enter into an Alternative Dispute Resolution process’.

“Justice Moseneke has agreed to guide the alternative dispute decision technique and could at the earliest comfort convene an assembly with all the parties to define the mediation system,” the provincial government said in an assertion.

“The office of the finest will offer any help that the mediator may also require facilitating the dispute resolution method.”


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More than one hundred patients died in 2016 after being moved from Life Esidimeni to NGOs to shop money.

On February 1, Health Ombudsman Professor Malegapuru Makgoba revealed that as a minimum 94 sufferers had died after being moved to 27 non-government firms throughout the province in 2016.

They died of thirst, hunger, and cold. The branch canceled Sidemen’s agreement as a part of its fee-reducing measures.

Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu stepped down in the wake of the scandal.

In February, Makgoba told Parliament’s portfolio committee on health that the death toll might keep to upward push, after extra than 100 patients have been suggested to have died.

Human rights corporation SECTION27 on Friday said it’d quickly be assembly with Moseneke and other parties to discuss how the decision method could unfold.

Attorney Sasha Stevenson said they permitted of Moseneke’s appointment and looked ahead to the graduation of the manner.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) also welcomed the appointment, saying this approach might avoid drawn-out criminal court cases.

“A fair settlement for the household ought to consist of financial compensation, whilst bearing in thoughts that no amount of cash can recompense for the lack of a loved one,” stated DA’s provincial health spokesperson and MPL Jack Bloom.

He stated Moseneke had the integrity and competence to make certain the right reimbursement and closure for the affected families.

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