‘Mother Mushroom’: Top Vietnamese blogger jailed for 10 years


One of Vietnam’s pinnacle bloggers has been jailed for 10 years for dispensing propaganda towards the nation.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, who’s known as Mother Mushroom, changed into located responsible after a one-day trial in the significant province of Khanh Hoa.
Her attorney instructed the BBC she had 15 days to an attraction.
Rights agencies have described as “outrageous” the charges in opposition to the author, who has come to be an icon for us of an as dissident network.
Vietnam’s one birthday celebration Communist regime frequently jails its critics.
Ms. Quynh has been detained due to the fact October 2016 when she visited a fellow activist in jail.
Who is Mother Mushroom?
Ms. Quynh, 38, started out a weblog in 2006 raising recognition of social injustice and pointing out political and environmental worries.
With the developing significance of social media, the net has ended up an important platform for dissidents in a rustic which tightly controls its media.
Her unusual blogger name is primarily based on the nickname “Mushroom” for her youngest daughter.
One of the most important instances she drew interest to has been the environmental harm caused by a bauxite mine inside the central highland region.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu QuynhImage copyrightFACEBOOK/NGUYEN NGOC NHU QUYNH
Ms. Quynh additionally co-founded the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers, an impartial writers’ affiliation.
In 2015, she received an award from the Sweden-based Civil Rights Defenders and earlier this 12 months she changed into awarded the International Women of Courage Award via the United States State Department.
She became not able to attend the ceremony due to her detention.
What has been the international response?
Given her prominence locally as well as overseas, her case has attracted a number of attention.
The day before her trial, Human Rights Watch known as on Vietnam to drop all fees against her.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu QuynhImage copyrightFACEBOOK/NGUYEN NGOC NHU QUYNH
“The scandal here isn’t what Mother Mushroom stated, but Hanoi’s cussed refusal to repeal draconian, rights-abusing laws that punish nonviolent dissent and tarnish Vietnam’s worldwide reputation,” the group said in a declaration.
What will be the fallout from the trial?
The arrest of activists and dissident bloggers isn’t uncommon in Vietnam but this example has struck a selected nerve with human beings because of Ms. Quynh’s reputation.
After her arrest, extra than 1,000 humans which include bloggers, activists and legal professionals signed a petition soliciting for her launch.
Since her detention, she has no longer been any longer allowed to see traffic and best met her legal professional 9 days earlier than the trial.
According to the BBC’s Vietnamese Service, Ms. Quynh’s mother changed into only allowed to go to her on Wednesday and for approximately 5 mins.
After her trial, her legal professional advised Reuters information enterprise that the sentence becomes “too heavy and unfair for the accused”.
The verdict is likely to spark an outcry inside the online dissident network.
Critics accuse the government of the use of the trial to intimidate different activists but there are also hopes that it will draw greater considerable interest to the harsh treatment of people who communicate out.


The Legal and Social Consequences of Blogging

Blogging has opened all sorts of doorways for people similar to you and me to get their thoughts and thoughts published at the net. According to the blog search engine Technorati- in 2007 there have been over 112 million blogs.

What the mass populace of bloggers does not realize is that now and again you’re the phrases typed out in your blog could have legal and social results. Take Ellen Simonetti for example. She used to work as an air hostess for Delta Airlines. She had a weblog entitled: “Queen of Sky: Diary of a flight attendant” On this blog she posted pictures of herself on-line in her air hostess uniform. Even although she failed to mention Delta airways in her blog, Delta deemed a number of the content on her weblog and suspended and then later fired her.

This isn’t always the most effective case of its kind, by the give up of 2009, US payouts associated with damages because of blogging amounted to 17.Four million. Several cases had been brought earlier than the country wide court, on costs of defamation and liability resulting from bloggers, and lots of employees if misplaced their jobs for blogging approximately the corporation they paintings for. Usually, they get fired because they insult the agency that they paintings for, or a few cases blogger even deliver away employer secrets and techniques on their blogs. In 2005, a man called Mark Jen labored for Google for 10 days before being fired. He blogged approximately Google’s secrets and techniques and published information about their budget before their actual monetary returns had been posted


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If it is not all, in a few countries people have clearly been arrested for entries posted on their blogs. Authoritarian and totalitarian governments view blogs with an iron fist. There are lots of blogs accessible and blogs are a great deal more difficult to manipulate than different sorts of media.

Kareem Amer, an Egyptian blogger become actually sentenced to three years in jail for insulting the Islam faith and the president of Egypt on his blog. In Myanmar, any other blogger Nay Phone Latt become sentenced to twenty years in jail for posting a cartoon of the state head onto his blog.


Another risk of blogging is the capacity risk to personal threat. Often bloggers submit personal statistics approximately wherein they live, where the hangout and what they’re doing. They have been extreme instances of cyberstalking and internet homicide, associated with the usage of blogs. There are many notorious instances of net murder. One example is Michael John Anderson. He becomes known as “The Craigslist Killer” he marketed a submit for a babysitter online and lured a woman referred to as Katherine Olson in Minnesota by way of shooting her in the back.

Whatever your purpose of running a blog be cautious what you write. Where your activity is worried, be mainly careful. Most agencies have extremely confidential records that might be unfavorable if it’s miles unfold. They percentage this fact with you due to the fact they agree with you, breaking this accept as true with might be negative to your career.

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