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Do I Need a Lawyer When Talking to My Insurance Company After My Accident?

If you ever find yourself involved in a vehicular accident, there is a protocol that you should follow to make sure that your rights remain safeguarded throughout the process. The legal matters stemming from a car accident can become challenging if you do not have the proper guidance.

One of the things people do after car accidents is contacting their insurance companies. The insurance claim filed with your insurance company can lead to your expenses being covered by the policy. The knowledgeable Virginia car accident lawyers at Rutter Mills have provided an important video to help you navigate the messy finances resulting from an auto accident.

When To Contact Your Insurance Company?

After you have received appropriate medical attention for your injuries, you should contact your insurance company. It is important to file a claim if you think the accident and resulting damage occurred due to the other party’s negligence.

There can be a lot of unforeseen expenses that may arise in the wake of a vehicular accident. Aside from the medical bills and damage to your property, a need to rent a car for your transportation needs might arise.

In the case of an official insurance claim, your insurance provider might cover all of these expenses. Even if the medical bills at the time of the accident seem like not much, they can pile up over time in the form of future treatments or charges for physical therapy, etc.

How To Contact Your Insurance Company?

Talking to your insurance company after the accident significantly differs from the other driver’s insurance provider. Typically, clients sign a contract with the insurance company when they first enlist their services. Under the terms and conditions of this contract, you might need to inform your insurance company of all the accident details.

It is advisable to establish contact directly with the claims office of your insurance provider. You can also contact your insurance agent and submit your claim with the required information. If the information is relayed through an insurance agent, you should keep a written record as a letter to your insurance agent.

The insurance provider will have the right to access all your medical records, work records, and your vehicle for inspection. You will be expected to fully cooperate with your insurance company while it investigates your claim.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

While you can handle a small insurance claim, a personal injury lawyer better handles cases involving major property damage and significant physical injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer will help you navigate the uncertain legal waters and ensure that you receive compensation for your suffering.

A personal injury lawyer is also essential when talking to an insurance provider. Whether it is your insurance provider or the other driver, having a lawyer present while you talk to anyone is likely to help more than not.

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