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Nest Cam IQ overview: Great domestic safety lacks an smart asking charge


The personal domestic safety marketplace is on the up, thanks to decreased expenses and length of components required to make all of it work. Now, we do not want a committee room to setup recorders and video display units, all we need is a small digital camera and a web connection.

That’s exactly in which Nest Cam IQ healthy into the equation. It’s a small digicam, which plugs into a mains socket, and continues a watch on what it can see within the domestic while you’re away. It can research your behaviour patterns, be scheduled to replace on or off at given instances, and in case you pay for an extended subscription then all your captured movies are saved in the cloud to access remotely as wished.

With increasing numbers of clever merchandise acting, however, Nest’s massive attraction is that it is backed via one of the International’s largest companies: Google. That way there may be the aid and expertise of the product to assist it to stand out – and improve over the years, too.

But simply how well does Nest IQ work?

Nest Cam IQ evaluation: Design
Matte white subtle layout
LED ring around digital camera face
Adjustable head
Like a most of Google’s recent clever domestic merchandise – like Google Home and Google Wifi – the Nest Cam IQ has a simple, minimalist layout that does not draw an excessive amount of attention to itself. From the facet, it almost looks as if the baby lamp from the early Pixar animation brief.

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Nest Cam IQ overview photo 6
The entire exterior is a matte white plastic, which seems very much like the fabric and end used at the aforementioned Google smart home gadgets. Its base is a easy circle design with a USB Type-C port on the back and a grippy rubber strip beneath to make sure it doesn’t slip without problems from where it’s positioned.


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On the top the camera head has a dome-fashioned case with a large round speaker grille on the back, the latter that’s made from multiple in my opinion machined holes. The camera face itself is an all-black spherical one with little or no more to a word. There’s a single LED at the top which lighting fixtures up when the digicam is on, and a Nest brand close to the lowest.

One of the most effective fascinating factors is a LED ring that surrounds the whole camera face, however this best lighting fixtures up whilst you switch it on for the first time, while the camera is not setup or when you’re making use of the walkie-talkie function. Once the system of getting it connected to an account is finalized, the LED mild ring switches off – which makes feel, in any other case it’d be too obvious while functioning day to day.

Nest Cam IQ evaluate photo 2
To make it as adjustable as viable, the digital camera head sits on top of a ball joint that lets you tilt it thus far back it can factor the camera up at the ceiling, or almost right down to the floor. It’s a nicely considered part of the layout, and doesn’t circulate too without difficulty to make certain it holds regular at whatever attitude you decide to set it.

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Nest Cam IQ Overview: Setup
Download Nest App
Scan QR code on the base
Because it has its very own base constructed in, there may be no DIY installation required of any kind. Just discover the shelf or mantle you need to vicinity the IQ on, then plug it into your nearest energy outlet. The Type-C cable that incorporates it is a great couple of meters long so that you do not must be proper next to a wall socket.

nest cam face detection
Once it’s plugged in, down load the Nest Android or iPhone app then sign into or setup a Nest account before deciding on to feature the IQ as a tool (you may host multiple Nest merchandise here – from thermostats to smoke alarms, as relevant). To add the device you could both use the cell phone camera to experiment the QR code, which takes only a few seconds or input the serial quantity info manually. Then use the app to pick the Wi-Fi network and you are accomplished.

Nest Cam IQ Overview: Features
Daytime or night time vision capture
App alert and electronic mail when movement is detected
Facial popularity (calls for subscription)
Home/away help and schedules
By default the camera is designed to reply to each movement and whilst it sees a person’s face. By default, you may get an app notification on your telephone in addition to thru e mail, at any time the camera sees a person you realize, or do not recognize, or every time it detects full-size movement.

But you likely don’t need non-forestall signals. Which is where some of the features in the settings come into play.

The domestic/away assist function tells the digital camera to exchange on or off, depending on whether or not or not you’re at home, which is beneficial if you do business from home in the course of the day, or you absolutely do not want it recording you approximately your daily enterprise on a time off.

Nest Cam IQ software program image 5
You can also the time table the camera based at the time of day. As an instance, you could nonetheless need your digital camera to be on and recording at night time, while you’re asleep, even if you have set it to go off when you’re at domestic. With the scheduler, it overrides the home/away assist to ensure that you’ve were given a night time camera looking your own home whilst you are subconscious.

Another placing you could switch on is the acquainted faces feature, that can use the camera over time to realize those who live in your house, or buddies which you recognize, which can be used to adjust whether it indicators you through the app or now not.

Nest Cam IQ evaluate: Issues
On the complete, it really works in really nicely. But it is no longer best.

Firstly, the digital camera is unable to stumble on whilst a face is an actual person in a room and when it’s just a face on the TV. If you’re planning on having the indoor digicam on your residing room, make certain now not to have the television on its subject of view at all.

Nest Cam IQ software program photo 2
Secondly, its recognition is not one hundred according to cent accurate. Whenever it detects a face, you get to tell the carrier if that face is familiar or no longer. It then creates a profile for that face and shops each recorded example of that person inside that stored profile. If our hair changed into a bit one of a kind, or we had exclusive facial features, were stuck at a one of a kind perspective or carrying glasses, it’d see us as a brand new man or woman, and then we might create a brand new profile. In the give up, we had five special profiles for the same man or woman.

Perhaps more problematically, it every now and then has a tough time telling comparable-searching humans other than every other. For instance, a brother and sister who’re nearly 3 years apart in age – really distinctive heights and exclusive hair fashion and color – had been detected because of the equal person and saved within the equal profile automatically.

To enhance this, we feel the digicam should be prepared with the intelligence to measure a person’s length and usual shape, to help avoid instances wherein two people could be improper for the identical one.

Nest Cam IQ software program photo three
Motion sensing is a much less complicated generation and works pretty properly. Although, it has a hard time telling the difference between movement exterior and moved indoors. Ours often alerted us while a vehicle went handed on the street outside the residence, which is more or less 20 meters from the front room window, possibly 25 meters from where the digicam changed into to start with positioning.

Nest Cam IQ evaluation: Is it well worth shopping for?
Motion tracking inside photos
Walkie-talkie feature
Despite that shortcoming, the Nest Cam IQ changed into still a totally useful and dependable indoor security camera. And it has one killer feature that we love.

While the digital camera has a 4K sensor, it would not use it to beam 4K content material on your telephone. It makes use of all that extra decision so that it could digitally zoom inside footage and plan to follow motion. That way, as an example, if someone is spotted shifting inside the room, the digital camera zooms in and then follows that character, making it less difficult to identify them – all with out physical moving parts and the noise related to that.

Nest Cam IQ assessment image 4
One different characteristic that’s useful – particularly if you want to scare off intruders – is the capability to speak thru the digicam. When viewing the live feed, you press the microphone and then shout things like “go away or I shall taunt you a 2nd time!” and watch the intruders flee… Or at least purpose a mild panic, and warn them which you’re calling the police.

Nest Cam IQ evaluation: Video quality
Full HD (1920 x 1080) capture
4K sensor is used for movement panning simplest, not 4K output
The first-rate of footage from Nest IQ is decent, with lots of sharpness and shade in daytime, and sufficient detail in night imaginative and prescient mode to look simply what’s taking place.

Nest Cam IQ software program picture 4
The most effective time you notice a mild drop in a decision is when the digicam goes into its motion tracking mode. The digital zoom loses element because it crops in.

One element of performance it is a bit disappointing is the digicam circulation takes a touch whilst to load up, or once in a while pauses and buffers, which could place it five-10 seconds at the back of the actual-global because of lag. Obviously, if you need to make use of the walkie-talkie characteristic, this isn’t perfect.

Nest Cam IQ evaluation: Nest Aware
Facial popularity calls for subscription
£8 or £24 in keeping with month
10-days or 30-days of video
To get the most out of the Nest Cam IQ, or arguably to make it worthwhile having, you have to enroll in Nest Aware. Without Nest Aware, you won’t get the facial popularity function, and you most effective get access to 3 hours really worth of saved pictures.

You do get a free trial for the primary month, but after which you want to join both the £8 or £24 in line with month package deal. The lower value subscription gets you 10 days of video records, the greater expensive version gives you 30 days. Both come up with sensible indicators/facial reputation, which basically guarantees you get notified when someone is noticed in your own home.

Nest Cam IQ software program image 6
With Nest Aware you furthermore may get Activity Zones, which lets you highlight unique components of the room that the digicam has to pay more interest to. For instance, you may spotlight a door or window, and the service can endorse different zones for you as well.

It’s well worth noting that in case you want to save money in the long run, you may pay for the annual plan, which offers you three hundred and sixty-five days worth of Nest Aware for the price of 10 months. That approach the lower tier fees £80, while the higher tier is £240. It’s now not cheap, given the price of the product itself.

There isn’t any doubt that the Nest Cam IQ is one of the maximum technologically advanced private indoor protection cameras available. It has a lot of truly wonderful capabilities. It’s appealing and could in shape into any home with out drawing extra interest to itself. But there is also no getting around the truth that the fee is prohibitive.

The digital camera expenses £299 to buy, which is already at least £100 greater pricey than all the other splendid indoor clever home cameras. Then the subscription price to Nest Aware – which makes the camera virtually really worth having – will value you at least every other £eighty or greater over the first yr. Realistically, you are looking at being £379 down, for one digicam and get right of entry to the cloud provider.

It might have a mid-high IQ, however, it’s ongoing fee point isn’t always so smart.

Alternatives to bear in mind
net to welcome review image 1
Netatmo Welcome
It does not have a cloud again-up provider like the Nest gadget, however, it is a totally successful indoor digicam. It prices £199 to shop for and, due to the fact there may be no cloud service, there is no monthly subscription to pay on top of that preliminary outlay. What’s more, it is a very appealing camera and has the facial reputation.

Read the entire evaluate: Netatmo Welcome evaluation: Big Brother is watching and is aware of who you are

Logitech circle evaluate photograph 1
Logitech Circle
If you want a low priced option, the Logitech Circle is a really perfect solution although it doesn’t have some of the clever capabilities determined in both the Nest Cam IQ or the Netatmo Welcome. It best charges £160 and may file 24 hours of video within the cloud with out a subscription. After that, it feels a most of £7.Ninety-nine according to month, with the bottom tier subscription costing simply £2.Ninety-nine.

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