Norman health practitioner-became-painter highlights splendor and charm of human shape


Nude girls are abundant in artist Dr. Jim Cobb’s central Norman studio. Paintings, this is.

Cobb has an eye for portraiture and may be one of the finest for shooting the feminine shape’s splendor on canvas. It’s anticipated that one or more of those inspiring pix can be part of his new exhibition “Variations on themes” at The Depot, two hundred S. Jones Ave., up through Aug. 27.

“I first advanced an appreciation for artwork while my spouse and I were still dating, and he or she became a pupil analyzing art appreciation,” Cobb said. “Then I took a drawing direction and, after that, painting.”

He began to portray in earnest 1989, reading with executed artists at The Students Art League in New York City and the Chicago Art Institute.

The retired physician who practiced in Norman has devoted 15 years to his artwork. Cobb additionally continues a studio in Taos, New Mexico.

“Every Friday, there’s a set of people who meet here in my studio,” Cobb said. “We chip in to pay the rate for a model, and we get to color a parent. We do a single post, and it’s very compelling.”


He also paints still existence, panorama, and the occasional animal. What Cobb doesn’t do is summary or non-representational paintings. Although there may be a touch of impressionism in a few pieces, there’s no thriller to what the viewer is calling at.

“The human beings I paint don’t start with a drawing or image,” he said. “I paint directly and try to paint what’s referred to as ‘alla prima,’ or wet into moist, wherein you paint proper onto the canvas with a broom. There are not any quality strains, as in a drawing.”

Cobb reveals a few similarities between art and surgical treatment.

“Although painting is looser, there is a point wherein it has to be deliberate,” he stated. “You try tough to make every stroke matter. With a scalpel, you wouldn’t make the incorrect incision and then move it over here a chunk; however, in painting, you can do this.”


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Though Cobb stated he prefers to work with a stay version, he uses pix for panorama paintings.

“There are Plein air painters, like Van Gough, who stand out inside the center of the sector and paint,” he stated. “Oklahoma is quite rugged for that. It’s too warm and windy, and flying bugs get caught in your paint. I attempt to paint something I’ve visible and take a picture of it.”

Cobb enjoys the creative procedure in his artwork and the challenge of always trying to enhance. In addition to getting to know artists in large towns, he observed one respect in Norman.

“I noticed some paintings by way of somebody named Gail Poole, so I appeared him up, and we have become proper friends,” Cobb stated. “My wife, Dail, myself, and Gail traveled to Europe, the three of us, and all over New Mexico portray together each day. He is possibly one of the most talented artists I have ever encountered.”


That could be O. Gail Poole (1935-2013), a grasp painter and quintessentially Oklahoman artist referred to as Norman domestic. His work has been recognized internationally and via all the well-sized artwork museums in the Sooner State.

“Gail may want to paint anything and in any fashion,” Cobb said. “He drew like a master.”

Cobb became fortunate to be pals with Poole and discovered much from him during their time together. Cobb shared that information with many students when he taught artwork at the University of Oklahoma.

Reflection Gallery on Storied Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a dealer of Cobb’s paintings.

“They don’t want Southwestern-style art at the Reflection Gallery,” he said. “Hands-down what sells the first-rate accessible are my landscapes, then nevertheless lives or a beautiful girl dancing.

“I love painting photos from life. They’re interesting, and anybody has one-of-a-kind characteristics. If you may get a likeness proper, it’s kind of like hitting a domestic run. But images don’t sell properly till you’re dead.”

Dr. Cobb will conduct painting workshops at The Depot on Aug. 9 and 10.

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