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Ooma Home Security evaluation: The Ooma Telo VoIP cellphone device gets a security improve


It’s been near a decade since the Ooma Telo become launched. This easy box plugs into your router and gives you immediate landline voice smartphone carrier, complete with a logo-new telephone quantity. Now Ooma customers can give the system a large improvement in the shape of Ooma Home Security, which transforms the in any other case simple VoIP field right into a relatively capable domestic safety gadget.


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Ooma’s primary VoIP service is “free,” despite the fact that you still ought to pay a couple of bucks a month in nearby taxes. You can also upgrade to the $10-in step with-month Premier carrier, which offers you more state-of-the-art calling features, including call forwarding, a second smartphone number, voicemail, and greater. You ought to of direction also buy the hardware: The $a hundred thirty Ooma Home Security Starter Kit gets you the usual Ooma Telo, plus a motion sensor. You’ll additionally want a telephone handset to use the telephone provider. You can offer your very own—any conventional corded or cordless phone will paintings—or you could buy the Ooma HD2 Handset for $60.

Home Security

If you have already got the Telo (or an unmarried motion sensor doesn’t cut it), you could pick out up sensors an l. A. Carte. Three sensors are to be had these days: The door/window sensor is $25, the movement sensor is $35, and a water-leak sensor is $30. The Telo itself is not well matched with any 0.33-birthday party sensors or different smart-home hardware (other than any phone you plug into it). The system can assist as much as one hundred sensors in total. Best of all: If you’re a Premier subscriber, the safety functions are a free add-on (aside from the price of the hardware). Ooma Basic users can get assistance for one sensor free of charge, in any other case, they’re charged $6 in keeping with the month for sensor and.

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Ooma Telo
The Ooma Telo, which is likewise a VoIP device, forms the coronary heart of the device.


Setup isn’t pretty as seamless as some other protection packages, however, it’s smooth enough that even novice users shouldn’t have too much hassle getting going. If you don’t already have Telo carrier, you’ll need to install the hub by using connecting it to your router with an ethernet cable, deciding on a smartphone number, and putting in place any secondary services. Once Telo is registered with Ooma’s servers over the net, you may pass directly to putting in place the security sensors.

Ooma movement sensor
OoomaIn addition to being a corpulent monkey, Ooma’s motion sensor is a wee bit too sensitive.
Ooma Telo is flawlessly usable with out a mobile app, but Ooma Home Security requires installing its phone app as a first step. You sign in the app using your Ooma telephone variety and password, provide it a couple of minutes to configure security protocols, and then begin including sensors one by one. This might be less difficult, requiring you to maintain down a button near the battery compartment, but in case you’re following the broadcast instructions, it’s easy sufficient.

Ooma’s sensors admittedly aren’t the most sophisticated available on the market. They’re all on the massive side, with the door and water sensors both powered by using two AAA batteries. To be honest, figuring out how to get the battery panel off is the trickiest a part of the method, and each tape and screws are included for attaching sensors to partitions, home windows, and doors. The water sensor includes an extended pigtail probe with the actual sensor leads on it, providing you with extra flexibility in where you role the leads. That renders its just like certainly one of our top selections in standby myself leak sensors, the Honeywell Lyric, besides that Ooma’s sensor only monitors the presence of water. Honeywell’s tool may also notify you of freezing temperatures that might result in a burst water pipe.

Home Security


Ooma home security person interface
Chris Null / IDGA easy interface lets you configure Ooma safety and manipulate signals.
During setup, the Ooma app offers you adequate flexibility in placing how notifications of tripped sensors get despatched to you. Five indicators are provided: Push, telephone name, email, SMS, or audio declaration from the Ooma Telo immediately. Each alert may be configured in a different way for 3-time intervals (referred to as modes), which you, in turn, can customize. The door and movement sensors didn’t miss a beat in my testing, even though the motion sensor turned into particularly sensitive—and the app offers no way to customize the sensitivity stage. The water sensor, on the other hand, turned into sincerely no longer sensitive enough. It didn’t check in as “wet” until I completely submerged the probe leads in water for extra than a minute. You can also set the probe to record the absence of water, if you want to screen your puppy’s water bowl.

Keep in mind that is a real DIY setup. There’s no expert tracking option; there’s no support for cameras, smoke or hearth detection; or even a siren for scaring away intruders. You can connect your Ooma Telo carrier on your Nest account, however, you can’t link it for your Home Security app—and it’s a vain feature in case you don’t own Nest merchandise. The closest Ooma gets to getting the police involved is a 911 button built into the app. If someone breaks in, you’ll dial the police yourself thru that button—although the good information is that you’ll at least be related to the 911 dispatch that serves your private home cell phone range, not the only that serves anyplace you take place to be at the time.

Caveats apart, in case your safety wishes are minimal, it’s tough to overcome the fee of Ooma, mainly if you’re already an Ooma Telo user.

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