PACE co-rapporteurs demand to release Azerbaijani blogger

The co-rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) for the monitoring of Azerbaijan, Sir Roger Gale (United Kingdom, EC) and Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC), have expressed their deep problem at the brand new costs delivered in opposition to an anticorruption Azerbaijani blogger and Chairman of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), Mehman Huseynov, who’s currently serving the closing months of his two-12 months prison sentence, PACE knowledgeable.

Mehman Huseynov has been detained on the grounds that March 2017 on defamation expenses, after he had posted a chain of articles revealing instances of alleged corruption and torture via Azerbaijani officials. On December 26, 2018, he becomes accused of “resisting a consultant of the authorities with the use of violence risky to his health and life,” that’s liable to cause his imprisonment for as much as seven years.

“Unfortunately, there are justified grounds for the assumption that those new fees are virtually politically encouraged and actually designed to further silence a distinguished human rights activist whom we take into account a political prisoner,” said the PACE co-rapporteurs. “Furthermore, we’re alarmed via the truth that Mehman Huseynov has embarked upon a hunger strike because the only way to be had to him to protest about his plight,” they delivered.

“We came upon the Azerbaijani authorities to study his case as a rely on absolute priority,” they concluded.

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