Should you avoid non vegetarian food while you are undergoing infertility treatment?


Infertility treatments are a boon to a lot of childless couples. There is a huge demand for successful infertility treatments around the world and India is a lead innovator in the space of birthing technology. The infertility rate is increasing day by day due to the changing lifestyle of the people due to unavoidable circumstances. This is becoming alarming and the fact that this is increasing day by day, we need to find a cure very soon for this lifestyle epidemic. But the good thing is an increasing number of start-ups are realising this and are helping to get onto the healthy lifestyle.

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Diet is a crucial thing during infertility treatment. It could turn out to a concern to some people because of the restrictions that is posted on them. After the embryo transfer, a hormone injection is administered and this is known to increase the body heat. And hence the doctor advises you to stop eating non vegetarian food. This also includes any spicy food. This will prevent in increasing your body heat further.

Some of the food items to avoid while you are undergoing an infertility treatment are as follows: Firstly, avoid chicken varieties. Chicken also involves in causes other infections to the body and it is very essential that you maintain a good health during this period. Most doctors in fertility clinic in chennai will advise you to stop eating chicken. Some might even advise you to eat fish with a light gravy with less of spice. Completely avoid hotel food. Outside food does more harm than you think. The same is applicable to both packed food and processed food. This will cause heart burn and stomach upset. Juice and tender coconut is good but at the same time, watch out for processed juices stored in cans. These are absolute no. Washing vegetables in Luke warm water and do not eat them raw.

During one of my field visit to fertility clinic in gurgaon, one of the doctor advised me not to even eat fish. The fact he mentioned was true. Due to adulteration and industry pollution most of the fish that is caught has high quantity of mercury in them. Eating them will lead to a lot of side effects. So it is better to avoid it.


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