Sony HMZ Personal Viewer

SONY HMZ-T1 personal viewer/eyewear

Both the gaming network and film buffs are raving about the release of the Sony HMZ-T1 personal viewer,sony HMZ

The unit first rolled out on eleven/eleven/11. Within days it provided out world-large & pre-orders are being ordinary for a 2nd wave of devices to hit the marketplace around the begin of Feb.2012.

I controlled to get my palms on a unit recently so this text is based totally definitely upon my non-public hands-on enjoy with the Sony HMZ-T1.

So what precisely is that this Sony non-public viewer & does it live as much as the hype?

Basically, it is a pair of excessive-tech wrap round glasses you pull down over your eyes. Two very small (0.7-inch) OLED (1280x720p) presentations are located in the front of your eyes that create a phantasm of a huge theater show display screen without delay in front of you. If you were to the vicinity your face 6″ from a 19″ display you then get a feel of the way huge the display is.

An easy analogy is probably to expect yourself sitting in a huge movie theater all by myself. Just you and that terrific big film show screen about 5 rows within the front of you. The experience itself is in virtually great. But greater about the real revel in rapidly.

First impressions make a lasting impact….

My initial effect of the unit changed into that it seemed surely smaller than I’d anticipated. Much smaller in assessment to the marketed photographs I’d seen on line. The front have become enclosed in a white plastic that felt instead flimsy. It’s certainly no longer a well-built product as I noticed each slide buttons, preserving straps & well-known density of plastic to be as a substitute cheap looking. I’m no engineer, however, I felt the majority of the outside hardware quantities were possibly immediately out of China. But true day, I’m no longer too interested in the outside aesthetics of the tool as I turned into more intrigued however what is going on within this little wondrous tool

I Hit start

So after fiddling around, adjusting the head strap, ear pieces and the horizontal distance of the OLED screens I subsequently powered the unit up… Wow…. I become provided with a vibrant blue display that emerges as surrounded in darkness aside from a hint light spilling in from under my cheeks. On the proper thing are menu buttons that let you navigate a setup menu that appears on display. After calibrating the unit for first-rate visible overall performance & HDMI in, it’s miles right, it helps HDMI. I hit start on a Blu-ray player.

Kapow! The visuals had been brilliant… I imply I changed into honestly drop-jawed… This aspect is rattling cool!

I experience it nicely worth bringing up, I truly have owned multiple other personal visors over time, which include the Imagine z800 & the latest Sony blows some other eyes wear out the water. The selection is so crisp & smooth, the assessment of color is amazing.

Having praised OLED screen generation I’d additionally want to factor out that definitely throughout the corner Sony is investing in QD. (Quantum Dots) Light emitting debris which can be 100,000 instances smaller than the width of a human strand of hair can be discovered onto flexible plastic that may be rolled up or maybe published onto big sheets of paper to create large screens. Just trust a personal visor the use of QDs on a bendy display that wraps around your peripheral imaginative and prescient. But for now, we’re happy with OLED video display units.

Shiny Blue show. Mmmm

So in that have been we. Oh sure, the Sony HMZ. I end up inspired, honestly inspired. The Blu-ray movie I watched modified right into a Pixar three-D animation called Monster House. So I become able to test out the 3-D depth that is one of the gadgets many primary skills. By utilizing dual OLED shows Sony has been capable of neutralizing a difficulty plaguing 3DTV commonly known as “crosstalk” The audio is crisp, clean within truth genuine bass. I adjusted the audio ranges to my liking & changed into pretty stimulated.

What..No Head TRACKING… What were they wondering?

I am slightly dissatisfied that Sony hasn’t taken a further step & blanketed head tracking into the unit.

Head monitoring would possibly provide the user the ability to play 1st man or woman fashion games developing greater of an immersive virtual fact revel in wherein as an instance, in case you appearance up the picture show pans upward.

There is an easy answer. One can with out troubles connect Natural factor’s TrackIR device. I actually have attempted TrackIR with numerous HMDs (head installed gadgets ) & determined the display refresh rate non-existent with cutting-edge day PC hardware.

Such a device yearns to be let out…

I’m quality speculating right here, however, I enjoy Sony are simply trying out the waters to look if there may be a large sufficient marketplace to assist such a tool.This is, after all, a prototype for them. I enjoy there are sure functions about this unit that presentations it’s nevertheless in its infancy, not a fully-fledged device designed to residence a mass marketplace. Take for instance the separate HDMI interface. This is manifestly a surplus outer hardware case from a few factor like a TV tuner or comparable device. Sony has tethered this to the visor with a 2m lengthy cable. It’s as even though many surplus additives have absolutely been scavenged. The HDMI thru box restricts the wearer from ever going cellular with this device. Such a tool yearns to be let loose… Plug n play SWTOR ( Starwars the antique Republic) for instance whilst lazing on the beach or taking a prolonged teach journey.

The Future’s so vivid… I gotta put on sun shades… Personal Viewer

The Walkman of the 21st Century. Hhhmm… Perhaps the earphones date lower back to the early Eighties-styled Walkman earphones, clearly kidding. I do now not suppose we even had Dolby surround sound decrease lower back then. Come to think about it…. I do don’t forget one nutty Professor from the movie Back to the Future sporting a couple if whacked out futuristic looking shades while he once more from what date changed into it… 2012 possibly??

With a rate of $800.00 U.S, the unit manifestly gained be beneath each youngsters Christmas tree however if production is stepped up likely within a 365 days costs can also additionally drop to under $four hundred.00. But I could now not get your hopes up.

Michael Banks.

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