Technology integrator software program improves technique protection management


For offshore oil and fuel managers, hazard management – mainly technique protection management (PSM) – remains a first-rate subject. These demanding situations in the cutting-edge low oil charge environment have delivered a fixed of influential situations that present full-size issues for the leadership of their team’s capacity to efficaciously evaluate and control the major twist of fate event or threat (MAE/MAH) risks. Historically, every time challenges arose, the answers covered spark off and strong CapEx and determination of people to mitigate the threat to their people and their belongings.

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At $forty-50/bbl oil, both money and people are in brief deliver today and the impacts to the lowest line and maintaining manufacturing pose probably conflicting priorities. To better quantify the whole volume of human aid losses, there have been extra than 351,000 jobs cut by means of oil and gas producers global. Add that to the truth that oil has but to reach the lengthy-anticipated and hoped for rate of $60/bbl, and you’ve got an enterprise this is averse to any kind of expenditure that could be viewed as discretionary. Some experts expect that by the time OPEC’s self-imposed manufacturing cuts give up, the existing surplus might not be drastically decreased due to depressed intake, therefore prolonging the present day uncertainties in pricing. With the strength in US shale oil production and growth in OPEC production inside the foreseeable destiny, lengthy-term price volatility, at a minimum, appears probable. Risk, mainly MAE/MAH risks to offshore facilities and assets continue to be regular. The low fees, high overhead and complex nature of coping with PSM dangers are as amazing as ever. So, it’d appear that the risk control undertaking keeps posing a serious hassle without the solution – or does it?
Fortunately, whilst the tides of fortune have ebbed in the oil and gas enterprise, improvements in integrated era have flowed at an expanded pace. This bounty within the era market presents the offshore oil and gas industry with answers to some of its most pressing concerns concerning MAE/MAH. Most substantially, integrated era gear and structures had been evolved that enable offshore operators and explorers to view the effectiveness and fitness in their MAE/MAH protection obstacles in actual time, in comparison to an annual observe or evaluation. The evolution of system protection management has covered a veritable kelp woodland of techniques to identify, qualify, and even quantify threat. They encompass qualitative hazard analysis, chance registers, “Bowties,” HAZOPS, HAZIDS, LOPA analyses, company computer software program applications for workflow management, specialized software packages to manage upkeep, manipulate of work, allowing, protection vital gadget registers, and many others.; not to mention protection management gadget necessities in the shape of procedural (administrative) controls.
For operational personnel, the complexity and sheer volume of this data give them with demanding situations in expertise and decoding the sheer quantity of records, most of that is static and based totally on “expected” or ideal situations. With the upgrades in a production system and twenty-first century manage systems, there at the moment are particularly effective digital manipulate structures that also provide information and facts for operational personnel to interpret. In essence, at the same time as there may be definitely no scarcity of statistics, there is a shortage of hours in a day and range of human beings to research it all. This statistics runs the gamut from the three-ring HAZID research that sits down on a shelf to the cutting-edge enterprise software, which gives updated statistics on schooling, competency, and workflow sports of personnel on a character asset. So, how can we “operationalize” procedure protection danger management? Simply stated, how do we maintain and use the techniques, systems, and statistics which can be to be had but accumulate and use it in a way that makes it simpler to understand and interpret?
The answer is technology integrator software and software programs that acquire data from multiple resources. These software packages combine and examine the records the use of algorithms which can be specific to the kind of analysis this is being carried out which will provide the person with a holistic picture, primarily based on those multiple inputs. Heretofore, that project has been daunting but that is now not the venture. The present venture is to locate the right era integrator tool to clear up the trouble or offer answers to the questions that the operator seeks to reply. If something, the arena is awash in facts nowadays and extra statistics do no longer continually correlate with an advanced know-how. In the precise case of MAE/MAH prevention, it is suited to use an output that has been normalized for use within the oil and gas enterprise in order that its miles suitable, offers relevant statistics in a format this is broadly used and understood and can be without difficulty interpreted. One such instance or device is James T. Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model. This version has been in addition subtle by means of using the ‘prevent light’ shades of pink, yellow, and inexperienced to offer the general fitness of the barrier, based totally on the parameters hooked up via the determined employer.


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By inputting designated threat analyses/chance tests both “Initial” (prior to the utility of controls or mitigations) and “Residual” (following the utility of controls and deliberate mitigations), the consumer of the Barrier Model can with ease interpret the health of every man or woman barrier, earlier than and after application of planned or ‘in situ’ corrective measures.
The person of the Barrier Model can comfortably interpret the health of each person barrier, earlier than and after software of planned or in situ corrective measures. (All images courtesy RiskPoynt)
The user of the Barrier Model can conveniently interpret the health of every character barrier, before and after software of planned or in situ corrective measures. (All photographs courtesy RiskPoynt)
Case take a look at
Process Safety Management (PSM) includes 3 key factors: “plant” (additives, sub-structures, and structures), “processes” (operational and protection management structures) and “people” (human elements). Causal factors for all predominant incidents may be traced lower back to the failure of one or greater of these factors. Historically, this has been the result of a failure or incapability to manipulate these 3 elements and typically has worried “data silos” that averted diverse work teams from viewing and accounting for essential statistics that changed into in a silo, external to their personal. PSM plays a vital role in handing over efficient, dependable, fee powerful and safer centers.
While PSM has long been identified by means of many in the oil and fuel industry as the key to stopping MAHs, its evolution over the last 10 years has been dramatic, with many recent advances accelerating the recognition of this purposeful field from other industries together with aerospace and production. Regulators, mentioning incidents such as Occidental Piper Alpha (1988), Esso Longford (1998), BP Texas City (2005) and BP Macondo (2010) have promulgated regulatory necessities thru BSEE 250, EU Offshore Safety Directive 2013/30/EU, UK HSE Safety Case Regulations 2015, and COMAH 2015 because the solutions to the questions concerning prevention of technique safety incidents. These regulatory rejoinders are being directed at how the industry will prevent MAH occasions together with the ones indexed above. This has pushed operators, industry, and non-governmental corporations, and technology innovators to locate answers that validate the integrity of their structures to fulfill the regulatory necessities for “demonstration” (protection case) or “verification” (statutory requirement) of an asset’s safe running status. The stakeholders are driving the need for standardization in PSM but are actually met with the challenge of facts proliferation and the developing complexity of touching on information elements’ impact on usual safety reputation. Enter software and software program packages.
In summer season 2015, a newly assigned but skilled offshore set up manager working aboard the producing Lomond gasoline discipline platform within the North Sea became confronted with what he describes as “blurred records” and “immoderate subjective information” from a couple of sources that voiced issues and ability threats to the asset’s barrier health. The asset has been prepared with an integrative software program software (RiskPoynt), however, the workforce had now not yet sorted thru all of the immoderate, conflicting statistics and well installation the software utility. Following Neil Romney’s path to installation the machine, all the statistics inputs have been executed the use of the available statistics factor. Once the information was analyzed, it becomes decided that there had been in excess of one hundred,000 hours of deferred or delayed protection (backlog) by myself. Inputting the records discovered the barrier health records found in the picture under. Note the status of the primary 5 limitations, both preliminary and residual – they all crimson.
The resultant reaction raised a real concern about the HSE integrity of the asset and its potential to control MAE/MAH dangers. Rodney initiated cellphone calls together with his line control ashore, where they were capable of view the facts collectively in order to make critical decisions. The records actually pointed to an unacceptable level of danger to the asset, that may result in a lack of number one containment of hydrocarbons. Following an improved consultation, making plans and additional aid allocation process, a plan was implemented. This included shutting in production at the asset till protection vital structures can be repaired and/or proven before the reintroduction of hydrocarbons. Following an 18-month healing plan that blanketed strategic use and alertness of the software program, the up to date asset barrier health version changed into produced.
The plan additionally served as the catalyst for upgrades in “plant” and “system” (pre-mitigation) as nicely. In this case, now not only did the operation’s team recognize advantages in PSM, however, consistent with Rothney, “Operational Efficiency extended from 52% to eighty-one% in 14 months – great.” Note that this was an “older” asset that had been in operation for some of the years.
In today’s fee-limited surroundings, the best solution for many of these challenges can best be met through the use of latest era.Perhaps no trouble is more urgent than making sure the protection of employees and PSM integrity of the asset itself. Through a use of generation integrators inside the shape of software packages, it’s miles now practical for fewer employees to look MAH/MAE statistics more sincerely and in real time than a scant 10 years in the past.

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