The Travel Blogger Hiking Everest To Help Cancer Survivors

AMELIA OLD. After nearly years of schooling, Amelia Old decided to hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Amelia, the blogger behind Passports From the Heart,  focuses on philanthropic travel on her website. But this was the 37-yr antique’s biggest challenge thus far. Travel blogger Amelia Old hiked to Mt. Everest Base Camp, raising over $20,000 for most cancer survivors.

Because she wasn’t simply trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Amelia used her trek to raise money for Cancer for College, an American employer that gives cancer survivors money for university training.

After plotting her adventure, she broke the news to her husband at a bar. She remembers him announcing that she was “nuts.” What she didn’t count on changed into that he might choose to join her on her trek.

Why Cancer for College

Her adventure to Everest started with a press release. After receiving an email from World Expeditions, a business enterprise centered on a considerate tour, Amelia’s interest in hiking to Mt. Everest Base Camp turned into sparked. The electronic mail shared information approximately their Huma Charity Challenge, wherein contributors make a day trip and lift the price range for an agency.

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Amelia and her husband had been concerned with fundraising initiatives for Cancer for College for a few years, so she immediately thought of the company. Although they paid their way for their World Expeditions experience, the couple raised over $20,000 for Cancer for College and are persevering to generate funds for the employer right here.

A Cancer for College price range recipient, Claire Nakaki, spent her senior yr of high college in a health center bed. Now in remission, she’s a junior at Loyola Marymount University, intending to be a CMO for a most cancers nonprofit. CANCER FOR COLLEGE.

“When households go through this, their financial savings tend to move away because it all goes to medical bills. There’s no cash left for college,” said Amelia. “At the quiet of the day, they only need schooling.”

As she hiked in Nepal, she repeated the names of most cancer survivors she’d met, using their testimonies as her motivation for the summit to base camp.

And in some ways, that turned into the idea in the back of the ride. Amelia stated, “I desired to put myself in a scenario where I needed to depart my consolation area .”

While hiking to Everest Base Camp, Amelia Old repeated the names of cancer survivors to encourage herself along. AMELIA OLD.

Getting a suit for Everest

After publicly committing to Mt. Everest Base Camp, Amelia discovered she had become in for an assignment. The blogger had never hiked before embarking on her yr and half-education challenge.

Working with an instructor, she centered on cardio while her husband targeted power. She says, “as long as you’re constantly lively, four to five times per week, anybody can do it.”

The hike to base camp

After almost years of schooling, consisting of a break for shoulder surgery and a painful bout of shingles, Amelia set off on her trek. At the time, she’d had raised over $10,000. Along the way, she documented the adventure, including video updates, hoping to raise more money as she hiked.

“Each day, you constantly see something new,” says Amelia. “The only issue we knew to anticipate was 6:00 A.M. They came to our tent with our cup of tea. At 6:30, they arrive with our little bowl of water to wash it.”

AMELIA OLD. In her hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp, Amelia Old said that every day offered new challenges. One issue that Amelia not expected turned into the extent of litter in Nepal. As trekking Mt. Everest becomes increasingly popular, tourism has an oversized effect on the encircling surroundings. However, with World Expeditions, trekkers were recommended to select up to ten pieces of clutter daily to leave their surroundings higher than they found.

AMELIA OLD. A shot of Mt. Everest. Given the recognition of the mountain, Amelia is concerned that the beauty of the trek may be misplaced in the future as travelers pollute the pristine path even as hiking Everest.

“It could be ridiculous. We would be choosing up litter and see people throwing it on the floor,” recalls Amelia. She thinks that during 10 to fifteen years, the natural beauty she is skilled in will likely be gone.

The results of altitude

Living in the low lands of the Carolinas, one element of schooling that the couple couldn’t address before the large hike became the altitude.

“You don’t even consider [the altitude] previous,” stated Amelia. “I by no means would have the notion that might’ve been the component that took it out of me.”

AMELIA OLD. Thanks to the effects of altitude and the Khumbu cough, Amelia Old was helicoptered down from Mt. Everest… After summiting the bottom camp.

Altitude sickness is a collection of signs that occur when a person gains elevation too rapidly and is related to the quantity of oxygen in your blood. Symptoms generally include dizziness, headaches, loss of urge for food, insomnia, and shortness of breath. They typically kick in at around 8,000 ft.

Travel Blogger Hiking

Located at 17, six hundred feet, Mt. Everest Base Camp is at the sort of high elevation that it’s tough for the average human to acclimatize. However, they slowly ascended as Amelia did at some stage in her thirteen-day trek. Although she could submit to Base Camp, she needed a helicopter ride down the mountain afterward due to the Khumbu Cough and the effects of the altitude.

Amelia did take altitude medication which enables the results of excessive elevation. However, no longer until she changed into mid-trek. If you’re interested in hiking in altitude, Amelia recommends walking at extraordinary heights earlier and taking length medicinal drugs (if you want them) before embarking.

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