TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Best Tactical RPGs, and More

Friday, June 30, 2017, 12:59 PM PDT by Eli Hodapp

While this week turned filled with masses of iOS information, the maximum time touchy is the amount of income on the App Store. It looks as if almost every iOS game (and app) developer has their game or IAP interior of their sport on sale. An extraordinary region to observe alongside this income is keeping an eye on AppShopper.

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There are too many to list, but in case you’re looking for just a few, I’d keep in mind the exact complete-movement online game Her Story, potentially choosing up the premium IAP in Super Stickman Golf three that is on sale for a buck, or grabbing my preferred recreation of all time for my iPad, FTL. Developers have indicated that Apple does a bigger function at the App Store over the weekend to highlight even extra things on sale for the vacation, so preserve your eyes peeled for that.

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Kicking matters off this week changed into the release of Builder Hall 6 in Clash of Clans. It provides new gadgets, The Night Witch and the Roaster. Full patch notes are right here, which might not mean much to you until you play Clash of Clans. In that case, realize that Supercell continues to add an incredible amount of content material, and if you begin gambling now, you will have years’ worth of stuff to do.


In different Supercell news, they released a short movie on the connections made to the interior of Hay Day. “Neighborhoods” interior of Hay Day is the equal of an extended family or guild in different video games. Hay Day is an appropriate game to get overall non-game enthusiasts started playing games. It’s unbelievably handy, and like Clash of Clans, the quantity of content material in the sport is unreal.

Suzy Cube is high on the listing (if not on the top) of upcoming indie video games we’re maximum excited for. We’ve visible it year after 12 months in various levels of improvement at GDC, and it’s an unbelievably in-a-position 3-d platformer that works so well with contact controls it’s borderline bizarre. They’re on the hunt for beta testers proper now, which optimistically method the sport’s launch isn’t always that some distance off. Either way, Suzy Cube is something everybody ought to have on their radar.

Things are continuing to warm up within the global of Hearthstone, as the following expansion may be revealed on July 6. Internet investigators are certain that the next set of playing cards could be based totally on World of Warcraft’s expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, largely based on trademark filings. Whatever the growth is, it will be launched in August.

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The Death Road to Canada “COCCYX” update is live, making an already high-quality sport even higher. This update provides a slew of recent content consisting of an intensive machine of unlocking perks, traits, upgrades, and different one-off bonuses with new in-recreation forex known as “Zombo Points.” Additionally, there are new characters to recruit, unique occasions, and some tweaks to the game’s ending, depending on the game mode and characters you pick.

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The Twitch was given a big replacement, which redid how the whole lot works. You can now easily locate new streams to observe and quickly flip through all kinds of lively streams. Of course, if you want something to watch inside the unique and (hugely) advanced app, check out our Twitch channel.

In the arena of The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the Skyrim enlargement mentioned a while in the past in those roundups is also now staying. The growth provides a new “shout” sort of card, which works a lot, just like the magical shouts you can do within the complete Elder Scrolls sport, Skyrim. Additionally, you may get some loose cards if you pre-sign up for the sport’s release on Android.

Over on TouchArcade, we regularly publish a few function articles on first-rate video games in a particular genre. We posted a listing of the first-class tactical RPGs on the App Store. There is a whole bundle of unbelievably wonderful hardcore video games in that list, so if you’ve found yourself self-aggravated using the proliferation of informal titles on iOS, truely supply that a look.

Last but now not least, following up on the enthusiasm surrounding the smooth launch and eventual release of Supercell’s Brawl Stars, the developers stated that the game is not coming to Android quickly because the nature of Android’s APK gadget allows the pre-release recreation to spread like wildfire. It’s worth reiterating what we’ve got already published earlier. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can’t play the game, and all of the Brawl Stars APK download links obtainable are scams.

That’s it for this week, and as always, for all of this information and way (manner) extra insurance on the sector of iOS gaming, head on over to TouchArcade. Also, if you’re into podcasts, be sure to enroll in ours. We release a new episode each Friday, and they’re similarly a notable manner to keep up in the games aisle of the App Store.

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