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What Is Lyft Mission Statement?

Do you want to know what the key to Lyft’s success is?

This transportation firm was founded almost a decade ago and has turned the market. It has become a significant North American transportation service provider, serving the United States and Canada.

The mission and vision statements of the organization provide clues to the company’s swift climb to popularity. It demonstrates the founders’ clear vision and how it has inspired the company’s progress.

So, let’s look at my in-depth Lyft mission and vision statement to learn more about this intriguing organization.


What is a Mission and Vision Statement?

A company’s vision statement constructs the future that a company wishes to accomplish. In contrast, a corporate mission statement depicts the actions or strategic operations the organization believes are necessary to move it toward the vision.

These are the phrases that leaders use to convey the goal and direction of their company. When communicated clearly, they have the potential to inspire your team or the business as a whole by providing an inspirational picture of the future.

Brief History of Lyft 

Logan Green, a computer programmer, and John Zimmer created the long-distance intercity carpooling startup Zimride in 2007. Green developed the idea of Zimride after witnessing the nervousness of riding public transit in a foreign place. The idea was to remove the problem of the vehicle occupants (drivers and passengers) not knowing each other.

When Facebook extended its API to third-party applications, Zimride used the Connect application to connect passengers with drivers. This enabled drivers and passengers to get to know one another through their Facebook profiles. Passengers could see who would pick them up in advance for the first time. Zimride quickly grew to become the leading carpool firm in the United States.

Lyft began as a Zimride service in 2012 and was introduced in 2013. The firm was founded to provide a safe and dependable alternative to public transit and intoxicated driving. Passengers communicate with drivers using the Lyft App and may read the drivers’ profiles. Passengers can choose whether or not to be picked up by a driver depending on many critical parameters.

In 2013, the company was converted to Lyft. Lyft drivers began putting huge pink fuzzy mustaches on their cars to differentiate themselves from competing taxi services.

When you don’t want to take yourself home from a night out, Lyft offers a safe and dependable transportation option for drunken driving or public transit! On top of that, Lyft pays back to local communities by contributing 1% of each completed journey (up to $1 million a year) and collaborating with local groups.

What does Lyft stand for, by the way? Let You Find Transportation Miscellaneous.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values of Lyft

Ride by ride; we’re changing the way our world works. We imagine a world where cities feel small again. Where transportation and tech bring people together instead of apart. We see the future as community-driven, and it starts with you.” The phrases define the company’s goal, particularly developing a transport system that works for everyone.

Lyft’s mission statement is ‘To improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.’

“Be yourself, uplift others, and make it happen,” according to Lyft’s core values. The organization enforces these principles to shape a team of employees, drivers, and partners that support the company’s interests while providing their utmost to serve the consumers.

Who is in the Org Chart at Lyft? A Drive Through the Rideshare's Team History | The Org

How Does the Lyft Mission Statement Help Them Grow? 

According to a recent survey done by Comparably, 82% of Lyft employees are motivated by the company’s purpose, vision, and values. For 10% of Lyft employees, the “company purpose” is the most significant aspect of their job, aside from getting paid. The Lyft corporate objective is important to 23% of workers, who claim it is the major reason they stay at Lyft. Comparable data reveals staff alignment requires a defined goal statement and consistent core corporate values.

There are two major parts of the Lyft mission statement-

Reconnecting People 

Lyft’s core business is to provide transportation via its mobile app. Nevertheless, at this stage, the firm demonstrates that it does more than connect consumers to rides— it offers the greatest atmosphere for the two parties to communicate in a healthy and life-improving manner. The Lyft app’s features and enhancement aspects effectively make the firm operate for everyone.

Improving Communities

People are at the center of all Lyft activities, as seen by how the firm conducts business. As part of its attempts to achieve this portion of the Lyft mission statement, Lyft has launched many projects to improve transportation in various locations around the United States and Canada. Some of these include growing transport systems, supporting a cleaner future, aiding in disaster recovery, caring for the environment, and assisting marginalized groups in society. For example, the firm notes in its Lyft Local Works tagline that it invests more than $50 million yearly on projects promoting city transit.

This is how the organization facilitates people’s interactions, survival, and travel, favorably improving their lives.

Final Words

The Lyft App and service stand out with its basic yet distinctive bright pink logo.

The company’s original concept was an overnight sensation with individuals from all walks of life. Its commitment to rigorous quality and openness has contributed to its long-term success.

Enjoy your Lyft ride!

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