When existence is a beach


If you stay in Madurai, you in no way think about kite surfing or kayaking as an adventure recreation choice even as chalking out a ride to a close-by destination. But an interesting piece of statistics drives me to Kathadi, a little over a hundred km away, in direction Rameswaram. A few years in the past, I had visited Khushi and Kundakal, alongside the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The uncluttered and undisturbed stretches of sand and glowing blue-green water on either facet of the Pamban Bridge have been a ceremonial dinner for the senses.

On one of the parallel roads to Khushi is Kathadi, a gap powered by winds. In Tamil, Kathadi way kite, and I determine out while the ocean is your pleasant landmark, any marvel is possible.


I drive down from Madurai on a moist evening. The best memorable component is going over the unmanned and small railway crossing at Uchipuli, and 3 kilometers later transferring from an extremely good-smooth pressure on the quaint most important street onto a slim pebbled song at Pirappanvalasai. The deeper I went, the closer it took me to the sea. I may want to scent it and experience the salty air. The sturdy ocean breeze signaled a super weekend beforehand.


So at night fall, I observed myself at Kathadi North, flanked by the Palk Straits.I grabbed a few hours of sleep at the homestay cottage run through Jehan Driver, an expert kite surfer, and trainer from Mumbai. He and his younger crew of professionals, who’ve aced water and other journey sports, are synonymous with the region now.


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“We are the lifestyles guards here. Beach, water, and Nature need to be on your time table whilst you are in Kathadi,” is Driver’s top night note. I pay attention the wind blowing thru the window and spot the lanky palm timber away. The absence of air conditioning alongside this stretch of seaside even in summers may be this kind of big selling feature to any traveler; I go to sleep to the sound of the waves.

When the morning mild seeps in, I awaken to an excellent sunrise. Fifteen minutes of brisk strolling and I kiss the calm green waters of the sea. The driver follows in his vehicle with unmarried-seater kayaks and paddle forums, encouraging every visitor to take a lesson in surfing. The professional surfers, of path, come here to hit the waves, however you don’t always need to be one, and may as a substitute stretch out on the appropriate biscuit-colored beach covered with casuarina timber, walk for miles on the sand that seems like powdered sugar under your ft, follow crab trails, construct a sand fort, acquire sea shells, or leave your footprints on the sand.

With some beyond the experience of kayaking, I step into the welcoming flat water. There are no waves, the water gently laps the shore and you see small ripples while you push the kayak. The water is magically clean and allows you spot the coral float. Over the following hours, I take the watercraft in all directions, paddling with the double blade inside the flawlessly tempered waters of the Bay. The massive sheet of water glistening inside the morning rays spans out to infinity, as I row on with out a soul in sight. There is an extraordinary form of calm and the body gets a great workout.

Once the solar push itself up, you cannot live in the waters for long. It is best to move again to the cottage for a shower underneath the open sky. Over scrumptious parathas and bread baked through the hosts, Driver and his accomplice Upasna inform me why they quit their jobs in Mumbai and made this coast their domestic. Driver truly chanced upon Pamban Island in 2012. The easy beaches, turquoise waters, and winds in the course of the yr made him see the potential for water sports and he immediately determined to installation store.

Let us go for a drive across the Pamban Bridge, he calls out, revealing his ‘little secret’. In 20 mins, we are in the alternative aspect, Kathadi South, within the Gulf of Mannar, within the liquid blue of the Indian Ocean. “From April to September, the Southwest monsoon makes Kathadi South conducive for kitesurfing, and for the rest of the 12 months, the Northeast monsoons do the same at Kathadi North,” explains Driver.

Undeniably stunning, the southern shoreline promises a brand new twist, with the resounding sound of crashing waves. It beckons surfers and all of us who appreciates looking their athletic prowess at the water. I dip my fit into the nice and cozy sea, searching out at fishermen’s boats bobbing at the waters. Driver and different instructors, Govinda and Rizwan, geared up their gear to churn via the waves.



While the water sports activities can be adrenaline-pushed, status at the seaside watching the huddle of colorful fishing boats and the two tiny islands within the backdrop creates a feeling of well-being. You can easily spend an entire day right here in solitude, in reality looking at.

Driver additionally takes human beings a little deep into the ocean for snorkeling on the fringes of Shingle Island. He teaches the simple approach before you take a peek into another world underneath the water. You don’t realize how and whilst the hours drift by. All of an unexpected you spot sea gulls sweeping down because the coloration of the water turns a shade darker. The solar is getting ready to drop off into the water, casting a golden hue over the sand. The sea turns red.

Kathadi — North or South — is the form of destination you’ll not need to leave. You get loads of Instagram-worthy pictures when you pick to unplug your self. The surfing forums are rewriting seashore history at Kathadi, however, it isn’t always a traveler vacation hotspot but. Go before it gets crowded.

How to get there

The closest airport is Madurai, 120 kilometers away. The closest railway station is Rameswaram, 30 kilometers away. It is a seven-hour drive via street from Bengaluru or Chennai. Public shipping is likewise to be had.

Where to live

The boutique homestay at Kathadi North, with four huts with thatched roofs, is a choice. Charges are ₹three,500. Kathadi South is a simple campsite with 3 thatched-roof shacks in a coconut groove at ₹1,500. Both are run by using travel management firm Quest Expeditions. Jehan Driver, CEO of the employer, runs kitesurfing courses through the 12 months at those locations. Across the Pamban Bridge, in Rameswaram city, Hyatt Place has simply opened. There is a three-big name motel Daiwik, besides numerous low-price range accommodation options.

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