WordPress Plugins – My Top 15 Plugin Picks

Have you long past attempting to find plugins presently? There are a bazillion and one in every one of them (and I do not believe it without a doubt is an exaggerated variety!). Knowing what you need for your blog may be very difficult. Worse is that you start downloading and installing dozens of plugins and do not recognize what they’re for and how to use them.


I let you make clever plugin selections on your weblog.

WordPress Plugins – Choose Wisely

Plugins add functions and functions for your WordPress weblog above its middle talents as is with an ‘out-of-the-box setup. Plugins are one of the matters that make WordPress so effective because there is a plugin for nearly the entirety (and as soon as a person creates a plugin so my WordPress will deliver me my morning espresso – I’ll proclaim WordPress one hundred% ideal ;); but, sincerely due to the fact there are such numerous plugin selections, does no longer suggest you want to download and install all of them. So how do you pick?

You Start by Identifying a Need

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If you locate you have got a want for a particular function or feature in your blog, it is while you look for a plugin to fill that need. Not in advance, then. So the plugins you could use might be truely one-of-a-kind than the ones I may use; due to the fact our dreams are notable.

Know and Understand Your Plugins

If you have identified a need, then attempting to find plugins to fill that need is the first part of information and expertise on why you are installing a specific plugin. You will find many ‘Top Recommended Plugins’ lists online. There isn’t anything incorrect with the only’s lists. Still, you need to recognize and recognize the motive and function in the lower back of a plugin earlier than downloading and installing it. If you do not, you then virtually aren’t going to be using that plugin to its full ability; or worse, it could be slowing down your weblog or now not being compatible with any other plugin you are using. So don’t unthinkingly deploy plugins besides their miles filling a want you need to your weblog.

Plugin Maintenance

Every time you want to enhance your WordPress, there may normally be a risk that one of your established plugins will not be compatible after the upgrade. For the extra famous plugins, their developers are normally at the pinnacle of these things, and an upgrade is made available in no time. However, no longer all plugin builders preserve updating the plugin. If it sincerely is the case, you will want to discover any other well-matched plugin in a manner to do the same issue your now old plugin did.

Too Many Plugins?

There isn’t any set range of recommended plugins; other than most effectively using the ones you want. However, remember that many plugins use quite some belongings, and a few might also gradually down your blog’s loading time. If you locate which you use a useful resource hog plugin, try to discover a ‘lighter’ possibility that offers comparable function/competencies.

My Top 15 Recommended Plugins – and Why They Are Useful

Ok, now that I’ve given you the lowdown on plugin selection and belongings you need to have in mind; I do have a listing of 15 plugins that I for my part use, and I’ll proportion with you their feature so that you can decide if they would additionally be beneficial on your blog. If you do not want or need the characteristic/characteristic of any of those plugins offered – do not install them. Simple as that. 🙂

Akismet: this is one part of my detailed unsolicited mail-preventing gadget on my blog to fight remark junk mail. All in One seek engine advertising Pack: the great plugin that allows you to set unique blog positioned and web page titles (I., E. Keyword words, particular titles that need to be specific to every publish and web page you write) and set meta descriptions and add meta key phrases as well. This plugin comes mounted on each WordPress weblog; you want to set it off with an API key you get from WordPress.Com.

Articles: this plugin lets me pick out ‘featured’ posts to then display them on a separate web page on my weblog for brief and clean reference. Not similar to a sitemap, but as best, those posts you pick out will be visible, so it is an awesome way to hold your maximum popular posts multi-practical clean to locate the place. Audio Player: a pleasant plugin that makes it brief and smooth to feature an mp3 audio to a placed-up or net page. Great for adding interviews or audio sound bites on your page. I decided upon this plugin over the integrated audio player in WordPress. Comment Redirect: this plugin will redirect all first-time commenters in your weblog to a web page or post you decide on. I even have an internet web page created in which I thank them, as first-time commenters, for touring my blog – you could even offer them a free downloadable file on this net web page, invite them to join your mailing list (encompass a select-in shape on this web page!) or something you need. Make them feel unique and desired!

Dagon Design Contact Form: via approaches, the exceptional and only to apply and set up touch shape I’ve determined. It consists of a captcha to govern the touch shape of unsolicited mail with bolts. Dagon Design Sitemap: this is a human-best sitemap, made to make it much less complex for your weblog website traffic to find all your posts and pages in a single spot. Has an area to enter the vicinity of your XML sitemap (see below). Google XML Sitemap: that is a sitemap for search engines like Google. Yes, it would help if you had a human-nice sitemap and this XML sitemap which works properly with the Dagon Design Sitemap indexed above.

Sexy Bookmarks: A social bookmarking plugin is a great way to add icons below each placed up and a web page on your net web page so your weblog traffic can occur without issues. Stumble, Digg, Tweet, etc… Your net web page material. This is top-notch for visitors era! Similar Posts: List comparable or associated posts at the crease of your blog posts. Subscribe to Comments: lets website visitors get hold of the word of any new remarks on a particular blog put up.
Thank Me Later: we will deliver a fully customizable observe-up ‘thanks’ email to anyone who has previously commented on your blog; however, it has not been once more. Great for reminding parents approximately your blog and getting move-back website visitors. Twitter Tools: This allows you to combine your weblog and Twitter account. This is the device I use to robotically send a tweet out once I submit a new place on my weblog. You can also upload your contemporary Twitter interest for your weblog sidebar.

WP Database Backup: this is a reachable plugin everybody needs to use. Not only will this plugin backup your database, but you could also agenda ordinary database backups with this plugin and characteristic those backups emailed to you. I suggest you deploy this plugin and timetable as a minimum normal backup of your blog. Do not count on your web host doing daily backups of your website every day. WP Super Cache: if you have a weblog that gets a LOT of site visitors, or you may probably get a surge of site traffic (like thru Digg, Stumbleupon, or a trending subject depend), you need this plugin. It will save you from crashing your bandwidth at some point of excessive traffic surges.

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