Kitchen Equipment And Gadgets For Your Raw Food Kitchen

Nomi: People get without a doubt tired, clearly fast of salads. I do, but you may take the same things which you put into a salad and throw it in the blender and do it up; it’s fantastic what the addition of tomato or slice of mango or something can do to a concoction like that, and you could make yourself some surely delicious matters clearly speedy.

Kevin: What form of blender do you operate?

Nomi: There are the handiest fantastic blenders, in my humble opinion, Kevin. One is the K-tech that is only I do endorse for several reasons. The other is the Vita-mix. They’re each terrific blenders. I choose K-tech. The principal purpose is it is an entire horsepower more potent, but there may be a few others.


The difference between one of these blenders and a Hamilton Beach is the distinction between a Pinto and a Rolls Royce. They’re each automobile; however, want I say more? In my e-book, as an instance, I assumed everyone could have a ordinary blender. They’re no longer less expensive. To make this dish, I could grate the carrot, grate the parsnip, then position it inside the blender. Well, this sort of blenders, you throw the darn thing in entire. I throw two frozen, rock difficult bananas, complete, and 45 seconds later, I’m ingesting something it’s far.

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You can do this type of blenders things you can never do some other manner. I will take multiple apples and cut them up, and throw them in the blender with some cinnamon; I have to infant the blender a bit because there may be no liquid in there, and I can flip it into applesauce in a minute or, due to the fact humans suppose applesauce? Raw applesauce? No, it is spotless and viable when you have the proper system.

Kevin: It’s the first-rate for youngsters, too. I assume the charge assessment; you could inform me if I’m incorrect or no longer, is in case you spoil two or three $100 blenders, you could eventually form a pass for the larger one.

Nomi: Well, I, in my opinion, have taken, possibly, $30 to $50 blenders, smoking, out of doors to finish their smoking process inside the air in which I attempted to make a pate or something in it. They couldn’t manage it. I do understand, Kevin, that there are masses of humans interested in this form of food that cannot be able to spend $four hundred on a blender. I appreciate that, and that is why in my DVDs, I use a normal blender. One or suggestion about that, when you have a vintage Oster blender, or you can get your hands on one, and that might be like at storage income, forty or 50-year vintage blenders grab it because
they have the most incredible motor. Now, they don’t evaluate with the Vita-blend or the K-tech. But they may be nonetheless first-class and strong. In my first few years, I became raw. I had an antique Oster.

Kevin: I assume that humans occasionally suppose that the handiest aspect you could make in a blender is a frozen drink or a yogurt smoothie. You mentioned applesauce, and then you just pointed out pates. How versatile is a blender for making things?

Nomi: There’s a big crossover in the device. When I make a pate, I use a food processor because a blender wishes plenty of liquid. The pate I like pleasant is in my ebook, called the Sunflower Pate. It is three cups of sprouted sunflower seeds and lemon juice because this is an excellent preservative, some tahini and then some onion and scallion, and exceptional spices. I use it inside the meals processor. The mystery to blending is it wishes liquid. Food processing is for drier matters. The food processor may want to never paintings with as an awful lot of liquid as a blender might. It could leak all over the area.

Kevin: What approximately, Sadako. Can you explain what that is for those who don’t know?

Nomi: It’s an extraordinary name, it is also known as a spiral slicer, and some humans name it a spiralizer. Another name is the garnishing device. I eventually said, pay attention, I’m difficult every person because every time the enterprise changed the name, I modified the call. And it’s known as the Sadako. It’s now made in China. It’s just a simple plastic gizmo, but what it does is definitely great. Here’s what’s does that’s superb. It will take a vegetable, and the maximum normally used vegetable is zucchini. You put a three-inch piece of zucchini on this little element, and you turn the deal with and what you get is pasta-shaped zucchini. It has this captivating manner of shredding it, and also, you get lengthy, long strands. I’ve had three and four toes long strands, in which I’ve had to cut them inside the bowl, of angel hair-sized pasta produced from zucchini or carrot or beet or sweet potato or parsnip. It might not work with whatever gentle. Just turn like a tomato to mush, maximum cucumbers to mush. It needs to be a good firm vegetable, which has revolutionized the palate of raw human beings. You simply in no way should devour a salad. You can sit down your children down, and they could eat this spaghetti. It’s tossed in a pesto sauce, which I’m sure, as you realize, are garlic and olive oil and lots and plenty of basil and pine nuts, just no cheese. It doesn’t taste any extraordinary and then pinnacle it off with a uncooked marinara, and it smells like, and it seems like, and it tastes like Italian spaghetti. The biggest difference is, it’s no longer warm. This has, literally, this little machine has revolutionized because you have to have ways of doing meals fast. It truly is tasty.

There’s another one I’ve just found out approximately from Germany, and it is referred to as a Spiral. If you do like a parsnip, beet, carrot, and turn it into this little skinny pasta — I’ve done this at shows, and little children have walked by, and I’ve were given it at the table next to the device to show what it does, and these little 3-year-olds will grab it and consume it. The mom or the grandmother will pass, “I can not consider it; he might not consume any greens!” Let’s assume that something approximately slicing that vegetable into sides brings out the sweetness like no grating or cutting ever should.

Kevin: Not best does it bring out the sweetness, I think. However, it is simply so a great deal less complicated to eat. You observe a carrot, and you’re like, oh, a carrot. I got to chunk this component forever, and whilst it is in that small type of shape, you can eat it and keep eating it and consuming it and ingesting it.

Nomi: When I started with raw meals, I sincerely had a Champion juicer on time, but it changed into storage. When I commenced with 100%, virtually all I had changed into a normal blender, an awesome sharp knife, and a grater, and I didn’t have another system for at the least for the first 6 months. So I do want to
say to people whilst humans say, “I do not have the money to exit and buy all that stuff.” And you definitely do not should, but alternatively, I even have to mention that having a number of these devices, the Salidako I imply is $24.95, surely the potential to alternate those meals, their shapes, their length, pureeing
or taking and turning into this little strand what is delicate and gentle rather than chomping down on some tough. I would by no means consume a parsnip the way you would possibly take a carrot and chew on it the manner you’ll a carrot. I just wouldn’t, but it’s so delicious when you turn it into pasta. It’s insane. It’s a whole different issue.

Kevin: You talked about some of the short things you can do, like the applesauce. What are some real quick ideas that someone can do to maybe make a meal in 5 minutes and pass?

Nomi: Let’s no longer overlook that nearly any raw sparkling uncooked fruit and vegetable may be eaten as it’s far. If you start with a bowl to your counter full of apples, oranges, bananas, something you can discover seasonally, grapes, papaya, mango anything and then to your refrigerator you’ve got extraordinary
sorts of veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower and all that there may be not anything incorrect with going and sitting down and ingesting 3 apples and two bananas and mango. I imply, actually. I very regularly consume a purple pepper like you would an apple. I found a few that are so scrumptious, and I actually wash the element off and bite it, or even if I get a number of the seeds, they’re not warm or something like they may be. We’re so eliminated from going into the returned yard and plucking fruit from the tree or walnut from the tree that we literally forget particularly the more youthful generation, that food is not definitely available in a container.

I’ve got a device called the Toss in Chop. It’s one of these smart gadgets. You throw the entirety which you need for your salad into the bowl, and your dressing ingredients, the entirety, goes in a bowl; however, no reducing, no reducing board, no knife, no chopping, nothing. Then you cross it with this.
The issue, sort of a move among scissors and a tossing implement.

The different thing is, and I’m sure you know this, is there’s only a huge craze occurring with something referred to as green smoothies, which I actually did point out in my book, suggesting you may put your sprouts and things, sneak them in smoothies. Would you like my green smoothie recipe that’s my contemporary passion and craves?

Kevin: Sure.

Nomi: Okay. I placed a cup of both orange of Tangerine juice inside the blender, and that’s taking about 4 tangerines in the intervening time. Personally, I put approximately eight cups of greens in. I wouldn’t begin with that many because it might flavor bitter to you at first. So, if there are any dietary supplements that I’m taking, and I’m commonly taking some dietary supplements, put that in. Then if I can get my arms on papaya and I put that during. Yesterday I put a little bit of mango in rather, or a handful of blueberries, after which I pinnacle it off with frozen bananas. I adore it because I like my smoothies to be thick and cold. It offers me approximately 24 oz of smoothie. It’s fabulous. I have it at least as soon as an afternoon, each day. I vary out. You do not need to eat the same issue every day, irrespective of how properly you observed it’s miles for you because you want variety.

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