The Next Addition to Your Family: Will It Be Jibo, Pepper or Nao?


Although robots for home use have arrived, the fee barrier made most unaffordable to maximum houses till currently. 2015 will see that alternate that forever. Three home robots are presented in this article – all below $8000. Two are new whilst one has already been in the marketplace for someday. Let’s discover more approximately Jimbo ($499), Pepper($1930) & Nao Next Gen ($7990)!

Here are a few introductions and notes earlier than I begin:

1. Artifical Intelligence(AI). AI refers back to the ability of a gadget to mechanically study/ from its surroundings e.G. A pre-programmed device with an in-built computer ‘sees’ you for the primary time and stores your photograph in its internal reminiscence. It can not accomplice your percent with something it knows, so it would ask ‘Who are you?’. If you respond ‘I’m Bravo’, it will assign the call ‘Bravo’ for your percent. This info is stored permanently in order that, at a later factor of time, if it sees you again, it might say ‘Hi, Bravo!’, as it ‘is aware of’ you with the aid of now. In a comparable manner, as time is going by way of, it’s going to ‘study’ the names and attributes of all gadgets in its surroundings. Central to maximum robots are AI engines that assist them to get acquainted with their working surroundings(s). This is also proper of Jimbo, Pepper & Nao Next Gen, the 3 robots provided in this article.Jibo

2. Humanoid Robot. According to Wikipedia, Humanoid robots are robots that have the form of the human body with head, torso, fingers, legs and many others. Even partial resemblance with the human frame is sufficient for a robotic to be protected on this category.

Three. In most of this newsletter, for brevity, ‘Nao Next Gen’ is known as simple ‘Nao’. Nao is the call of a circle of relatives of robots from Aldebaran Robotics of France. Nao Next Gen is a home model of Nao.

Four. The masculine gender is associated with all three. Consequently, each of those robots is referred to as ‘he’.



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Scope: Jimbo is a small robotic, supposed to be a pleasant, low-price domestic accomplice. He comes equipped to do jobs together with assistant tasks, fingers-free messaging, emotion-based connecting (based on cues like your actions, speech, and facial expressions), interactive tale-telling (geared toward kids) and companionship to cheer you up, when lonely. Jimbo is not intended to replace humans, neither is he able to doing family chores like cooking, cleansing or washing.

Jibo is the brainchild of Cynthia Breazeal, MIT Media Lab Director, Personal Robots Group. He is eleven inches tall and weighs approximately 6 kilos. He has a head and torso, however neither hands nor legs. He can turn his head round by a full 360 degrees. Jimbo is stationary and can not move by means of himself. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), he has the capacity to ‘learn’ what his surroundings is constructed from. When you start to use him, he’s going to first research (and correlate) voices and faces of the humans he comes across in your house. You can then assign one or more of his ‘capabilities’ to each member of the family based totally on need/suitability e.G. Assign tale-telling in your college-going son and reminding your self of what’s subsequent for your to-do list. Whenever your son is within range, he’ll offer to tell him a story and if he’s interested, will tell him one. Similarly, when he makes out which you are near, he’ll remind you of your upcoming occasions/obligations, if any. He is interoperable with PCs, Android, and iOS gadgets and comes equipped to plug into your home Wi-Fi community. To hold Jimbo developing and updated over time, his functionality is powered by using modular ‘apps’ (packages). A Jibe SDK (Software Development Kit) makes it feasible for 1/3-birthday celebration developers to expand Jimbo apps. You are sure to find Jimbo a cute home accomplice!

Jimbo is slated for launch during 2015 Christmas. He is offered in white and black colorations and priced at an eminently inexpensive $499.


Scope: Pepper is designed to be a pleasant domestic associate who can live in our homes, almost like a family member. He’s a ‘social’ robotic. What’s unique about him is his ’emotional’ nature i.E. He can study human feelings and interact correctly with us.Nao

Pepper is a made from French firm Aldebaran Robotics (aldebaran.Com), after Japan’s telecom giant, SoftBank, received a majority stake in Aldebaran in 2012. Pepper is designed to appeal on the whole to the tastes of the exceptionally robot-loving Japanese human beings. He is lovable, friendly-searching, with massive eyes and a small, inquiring, child-like voice. He is able to circulate. Pepper has to continually appearance up when talking to people due to the fact he’s just about four ft tall. He weighs 28Kg and is the maximum hefty among the three robots in this article. He is able to hearing and executing voice commands. Pepper ratings over Jimbo & Nao by way of virtue of his being an ’emotional’ humanoid robotic. By ’emotional’, I suggest that he’s sensitive to human feelings and could interact with us consequently. He learns about his surroundings by means of his effective AI engine; in order that as time is going on, he’s going to get to recognize you very well, your devices, tastes and so forth. While getting to know, he also keeps updating himself with your preferred choices so that after he has learned enough approximately you, you are certain to locate him your most deeply worrying, fun, informed, exciting and adorable associate – most effective next, maybe, in your pet canine! He comes with pre-installed ‘knowledge’ of the subsequent human feelings: pleasure, surprise, anger, doubt & sadness. By analysing your facial expressions, the words you communicate and your frame language, he makes out your temper and reacts as a consequence e.G. If you are searching unhappy, he would possibly examine you your favorite poem or play you your favourite song; and if you are laughing loudly, he would possibly ask what makes you feel so glad, so that he can percentage in your happiness! Pepper is a ‘social’ robot, so you can expect him to mention ‘howdy’ even to strangers who bypass by. He can connect to the Internet via Ethernet & Wi-Fi. A pill computer is suited to his chest, forming an exchange channel of communication with him. The pill’s display also presentations what is going on inside him. A fairly noteworthy feature about Pepper is his powerful Li-ion battery, that gives for 12 hours of continuous operation earlier than a recharge is required. He manages his personal internal temperature and battery power.

Pepper may be to be had in SoftBank stores from February 2015. At $1930, Pepper fees handiest as a good deal as a high-end PC, therefore he is pretty low-priced to maximum homes. And he is clearly a much, a good deal more pleasant accomplice to have around than any PC or tablet!

Before you make a decision to buy, but, here’s a list of things that he can/ cannot do, that you need to remember cautiously:

CAN: Teach you a subject, provide riding instructions to a particular location, read a recipe aloud whilst you do the cooking, let you know jokes, play video games with you, help you stay in touch with own family & pals.

CANNOT: Cook you a meal, fetch a drink, wash/fold clothes, wash dishes.

Note: Several vital information about Pepper have both been acquired from or established against Reference No. 1 (i.E. IEEE Spectrum Magazine, January 2015 difficulty), stated at the quit of this newsletter.


Scope: A fully self-sustaining, friendly, programmable and superior humanoid robotic for use inside the house and for companionship. Programmability makes Nao much advanced to Jimbo & Pepper due to the fact a domestic owner who is conversant with programming can enlarge/decorate/regulate Nao’s abilities by means of customizing part of his functionality, including new features, growing new behaviors etc. – a majority of these, proper from home. Nao can do a few simple domestic tasks at the gift. In future, he’s probably to develop extra effective and become able to do such long-awaited home responsibilities like cleansing, washing, and cooking.

Nao, like Pepper, is a humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics (aldebaran.Com). Launched in 2008, Nao first have become a huge hit in education all around the globe. At the time of writing this newsletter, he’s a favourite pic technological know-how instructor to students among primary faculty and university in over 70 nations. He has an array of mind-blowing accomplishments to his credit score and maintains to experience terrific success in educational establishments and enterprise. In early 2014, Aldebaran decided to pleasure the arena via making this little excessive-tech marvel to be had to our houses. Like Jimbo & Pepper, Nao also learns approximately his surroundings through AI. He’s small and pleasant-searching; 23 inches tall and weighs four.Three Kg. He can flow all limbs in his body, sit down, stand and walk at exclusive speeds averting collision. Nao can understand us personally and communicate with us. He can connect to the Internet using Ethernet & Wi-Fi. He can train your infant to write down, fetch you a cup of espresso, entertain you via dancing in ideal synchronism with a set of other Naos, play some of video games and many others. Nao is a ‘beloved robot’ to many inside the educational network. He is answerable for large research, coaching & education within the area of human-computer interplay (HCI). He has finished in top tech indicates and meetings everywhere in the world incomes excessive honors and accolades for himself. And there’s plenty & lots greater to discover approximately Nao, if you’re interested… Further, when you consider that he makes use of ‘open supply’ software program, he continues to adapt rapidly as fans round the sector are continuously writing/ updating packages to make him more flexible, clever and beneficial! Nao’s stellar achievement has earned him an area in the Robot Hall of Fame (robothalloffame.Org), so, he is already part of history, now!!

Till these days, Aldebaran became no longer offering a domestic model of Nao because of restrictively high charges; but now, having determined to enter the home section and at a suggestion fee that’s just half that of his illustrious (non-home) predecessors, Nao Next Gen (Nao’s home model), is a dream come true to many.

At $7990, Nao absolutely isn’t reasonably-priced, however in case you’re willing to stretch your budget a chunk, the inside attains!


Let me fast summarize those three robots earlier than finishing up:

JIBO: Friendly domestic partner. Less than a foot tall. Weighs approximately 6 pounds. Stationary. Can do the following: Assistant responsibilities, Hands-free messaging, Connecting based totally on emotional cues, Story-telling & Companionship. Connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Automatically updates himself. Offered in black and white shades. Ships in stop-2015. Price – simply $499.

PEPPER: Near circle of relatives associate. Has the capability to make out human feelings and responsibility for this reason. Aims to be your closest, non-public pal through getting to know everything he can about you and adapting himself continuously. Has no legs but can flow (on wheels). Can offer guidelines to unique locations, come up with various varieties of hints, tell jokes, play video games & hold you linked with a circle of relatives & friends. The most useful function is worrying, emotional support. Automatically updates himself. Runs on a 12-hour Li-ion battery. Manages battery power and internal temperature with the aid of himself. Will be to be had shortly, starting February 2015. Costs $1930.

NAO NEXT GEN: Intelligent family member and small home workhorse. Has the whole shape of humans. Can move all his limbs. Is independent and capable of listening to, speaking & on foot at distinct speeds (adaptive walking). Automatically avoids collision whilst strolling. Can be programmed at home. Can teach you fairly complex topics, teach kids writing, fetch you a drink from your fridge, entertain & play hard games with you. Keeps himself up to date with the aid of himself. Comes from the own family of global-renown and respected Nao robots, some of his predecessors already having entered the Robot Hall of Fame (robothalloffame.Org). Already in the marketplace. Price – $7990.

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