Stardew Valley Clay – How to Get It in Stardew Valley

Clay is a vital resource in Stardew Valley that can be a little tricky to get. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to collect it. You can find it by tilling dirt or sand, and there’s a chance of finding it in Artifact Spots and geodes that you can break open at the Blacksmith.

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Stardew Valley is a game that requires players to gather many different resources, from food to materials for construction projects. One of the more important items to collect is Clay, a key material used in crafting recipes and building structures. It’s also a necessary ingredient for growing certain crops, so knowing how to acquire it can help players advance through the game more quickly.

Collecting Clay in Stardew Valley is simple, as there are several different ways to do so. Most new players will get their first taste of the material when they till their soil, as it can be unearthed randomly during this activity. In addition, tilling worm tiles in the mines has a chance to reward players with Clay, as does breaking open geodes.

Clay is a key ingredient in making bricks, which can be used for constructing pathways, flooring, and other decorative elements around the farm. It can also be used to make furnaces essential for refining ores and crafting valuable metals. Players can also use Clay to construct silos to store hay and grains until needed for feeding livestock.

While it’s not a requirement to complete the game, Clay farming is a popular strategy among many newer players to speedrun the game and amass a large amount of cash early on. It’s easy to see why, as the method allows players to earn up to 2 to 3k gold in the first two days of gameplay.

However, not all players will want to engage in this exploit, as it will often anger NPCs like Abigail, Evelyn, George, Haley, Jas, Marnie, Sebastian, and Vincent. They’ll either outright hate or dislike the player for this or may even start a feud with them. This is also why it’s best to avoid using this method unless you plan on playing in multiplayer mode, as the number of players will impact how well this strategy works.

Artifact Spots

Many of the resources in Stardew Valley can be found in various ways, but Clay is one of the more difficult to acquire. Whether used to build silos or for recipes, this resource can make a big difference in the game. Fortunately, there are a few techniques for obtaining Clay that can make it easier to collect and more accessible for players.

The first way to get Clay is by tilling the ground with a hoe. While there is a small chance of finding Clay when growing any dirt or sand tile, the chances are much higher if players dig up an artifact spot. These spots resemble little worms sticking out of the ground and have a 24-60% chance of yielding Clay. Players can also find Clay by digging up geodes with a pickaxe or hoe. Geodes can be brought to Clint at the Blacksmith and processed for a small processing fee to reveal various resources, including Clay.

Another way to get Clay is by visiting the Traveling Cart, a merchant that appears on Fridays and Sundays outside of Pelican Town. The cart sells rare items, including Clay, and its inventory changes each time the player visits. Alternatively, players can purchase it from the carpenter at his shop in town.

In addition to these methods, players can also find Clay through special events and seasonal changes. For instance, if the Feast of the Winter Star occurs, residents like Jas and Vincent will have a higher chance of giving players Clay as gifts.

Players can also acquire Clay by digging some clay nodes in the Ginger Island dig site. While these nodes do not appear often, they are a great way to increase one’s supply of this important resource. Players can also acquire it by mining in the mines and completing certain quests. However, players should note that these methods can take a while to produce substantial results. Therefore, using these methods in conjunction with the other strategies in this guide is best.


Stardew Valley is an incredibly popular role-playing video game that has captured the hearts of countless players since its initial release in 2016. In the game, you control a character who inherited a farm and must cultivate it to create essential products. This includes food, fuel, and other resources. Clay is one of the most important resources you can gather. It can be used for crafting essential items like fertilizer, retaining soil moisture, and making decorations and structures on your farm.

There are several ways to acquire Clay in Stardew Valley, including tilling dirt and mining Artifact Spots. These spots are marked by a small worm sticking up from the ground. Tilling these spots will reveal a small amount of Clay while providing several other benefits, such as cave carrots and relics that can be donated to the museum. Additionally, the latest update to the game has added Excavation Sites, which are new locations where you can find various resources, including Clay. These sites can be discovered by exploring the map and may respawn after a certain time.

The Ginger Island Dig Site is another great place to find Clay, as it spawns special mining nodes with a high chance of yielding the resource. You can also get some clay by cracking open Geodes, which can be found throughout the world and are marked by a blue bubble on the map. To open a geode, visit Clint, the Blacksmith in Pelican Town’s southeast corner. Clint will provide you with a tool to use on the geode, but it will cost you 25 gold per geode.

Lastly, you can also find Clay by visiting the Traveling Cart on Fridays and Sundays, which will often include it among its rare offerings. This is a great way to stock up on this resource early in the game, as it can be hard to find later on without taking advantage of these rare events. You can also buy it from the Carpenter’s Shop north of Pelican Town.

Ginger Island

Clay is a vital resource in Stardew Valley that can be used for crafting several important structures and items. The game offers several ways to collect it, including tilling dirt or sand, mining Clay Nodes at the Ginger Island Dig Site, and cracking open Geodes. It can also be obtained as a gift from Jas or Vincent during the Feast of the Winter Star. It is also required in exchange for certain Fish Pond quests.

The easiest way to get Clay in Stardew Valley is by digging up soil in a garden or crop field. This will give you small amounts of the material. You can also mine it from the Ginger Island Dig Site, which requires you to have completed a few steps in the storyline. Alternatively, you can purchase it from Clint at the blacksmith shop in Pelican Town for 50 Golden Walnuts.

Clay is needed to construct various essential building items, such as garden pots, brick floors, and kegs. It is also used to craft Fiber Seeds, an excellent farming resource that requires no watering and can be planted anytime. It also creates quality soils, improving your farm’s production. It is also necessary to create orange dyes for tailoring, which can be used in exchange for completing Fish Pond quests.

A new addition to Stardew Valley is Ginger Island, a tropical archipelago that can be accessed by taking the boat behind the Fish Shop once you have repaired it. The island is a late-game expansion that adds many new NPCs, items, and quests. It also introduces a new dungeon, which is the Volcano Dungeon.

Ginger Island is a large area that can be explored in several ways. The first place to visit is the Beach Resort, accessed by walking north from the community center. The resort has a bar and a tropical pumpkin recipe. Next, you should visit the east region of the island to find Leo. Leo is a shy villager who befriends animals and players subtly. Once you have reached a friendship level of six, he will consider moving into town.

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