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In my evaluation of the iPad Pro 10.5, I said that the general public should possibly wait until all of the productiveness improvements coming in iOS eleven are available earlier than shopping for one. But you failed to stay, did you, you maniac? You bought one and are now thinking about how you may get the maximum out of the machine you spent over $1,000 kitting out.


One apparent thing to do is cross in advance and deploy the iOS 11 public beta. It seems tremendously strong on the iPad Pro. But I advise you to attend a chunk, specifically in case you rely on your iPad for everyday paintings.

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So in case you’re sticking with iOS 10 for now, true on you — you’re a responsible person. And lucky for you, there are a bunch of apparent and no longer-so-apparent things you may do to get extra use from your vibrant new iPad, making it less likely that it will end up sitting unused on your nightstand till you need to observe Netflix.

Here are some of my favored recommendations. This sincerely isn’t always complete, but the hints and apps make iPad existence better for me. Most of these suggestions may even serve you inappropriately after you upgrade to iOS 11.



Apple’s Smart Keyboard is not everybody’s favorite. Mine doesn’t pretty take a seat flush on a table, and it’s awkward to use on a lap. Other options include more angles and greater characteristic keys; Logitech’s looks decent. But I like the Smart Keyboard, particularly because it folds into this small package deal.

So in case you’re sticking with Apple’s keyboard, you’ll need to analyze a few keyboard shortcuts. Some are obvious, like Cmd-Tab to interchange apps and Cmd-Space to open up Spotlight Seek. Others are more difficult to discover. Apps that are well-coded for iOS will show a pop-up of their keyboard shortcuts when you hold down the Cmd key. Here are some I like:

Cmd-H gets you again to the house display. In Spotlight, you could hold down the down-arrow key to jam past all the supposedly beneficial seek hints and get to the internet search you truly want a touch bit faster. Cmd-Shift-three takes a screenshot, much like in your Mac. Opt + arrow keys can help you navigate textual content phrases via word or line through the line. Opt + Delete deletes an entire phrase at a time. One ultimate observation: I was (and am) tempted to indicate you put in the exceptional Gboard keyboard for on-display typing, as it offers swipe-to-type. Except that when you do, for some purpose, the apostrophe key on external keyboards stops working. It’s an awesome stressful trojan horse.


One of the most powerful features of iOS is Text Replacement. Ostensibly, it lets you kind of something brief on a cellphone and has it robotically accelerated out into something extraversion of your apps for iOS seemed like an awesome idea at the time. However, you got lapped by Affinity. It turned into confirmed at Apple’s WWDC keynote artists available at an intro fee of $19.99.


duet. We’re enthusiasts of Duet over here at The Verge. It turns your iPad into a 2d screen for your Mac or PC and lets you immediately draw into apps as though it ha.

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