In honor of Modcloth’s fifteenth anniversary, we talked to Fashion Director Lizz Wasserman approximately the logo’s inspiring history


today marks the fifteenth birthday of the loved antique-inspired clothing keep Modcloth. First based in 2002, ModCloth changed into the primary fashion company to sign the “Truth in Advertising Heroes Pledge,” which intended they promised now not to photoshop or difficult to understand the herbal frame shapes in their models.

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Since their launch, ModCloth has grown a large following and end up considered one of our favorite manufacturers for low-cost and best clothes, and that they continue to grow. In 2015, ModCloth launched a body fine swimming gear line proposing personnel as fas

Add Crazyhions. Later that year, they announced their first-ever internal layout group and developed a line of apparel from XXS to 4XL, as a consequence switching up their regular procedure of in most cases shopping for from outdoor designers.


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In 2016, ModCloth opened its first bodily keep in Austin, Texas, which marked a whole new season for the brand as they undertaking into the area of IRL buying. Needless to mention, ModCloth has been busy the ultimate 15 years, and we love seeing them thrive!

In birthday party in their 15th birthday, HelloGiggles chatted with ModCloth Fashion Director Lizz Wasserman approximately the path of our favorite vintage-inspired keep!

HelloGiggles: What first led you to becoming a fashion director for Modcloth?
Lizz Wasserman: Well I’ve been in fashion in view that, let’s do the mathematics, 15 years earlier than I took the role of style director right here. I continually had an interest in ModCloth as it is going to the beat of its own drum and I’ve usually cherished antique.


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Courtesy of ModCloth
HG: If you needed to describe Modcloth’s aesthetic in one sentence, how could you describe it?
LW: I could say it’s vintage-stimulated feminine garb.


Courtesy of ModCloth
HG: What has been the maximum charming or thrilling part of running as fashion director for Modcloth?
LW: I guess I would have to say the maximum surprising element is the agency is truly satisfactory. In fashion you’ll hear that a logo is high-quality, however, Modcloth surely is, and you can see it via the network. The network is generally inclusive and also you see it in the truth that we do a full-sized variety of garb. I assume all of that virtually comes from our founder Susan Koger. She absolutely desired to trade the style enterprise as we noticed it and make it a higher region for all girls.



Courtesy of ModCloth
HG: What does your buying and layout method contain as style director?
LW: As style director, I don’t purchase any garments, I oversee the design group. So, we begin with a fashion and the group designs a complete collection. Then we also supply a few course to the buying group so they realize in which we’re coming from and they are able to look for any relevant portions from our incredible in-house designers.


Courtesy of ModCloth
HG: Do you have got any modern fashion idea which you continually appearance too?
LW: We absolutely look to our network. We see ladies on the street carrying ModCloth, women in our fashion gallery, and all the amazing girls that paintings right here. We surely don’t look to movie stars as a whole lot as our network.


Courtesy of ModCloth
HG: Do you watched the success of ModCloth speaks to the need for extra fashion-forward, frame-inclusive manufacturers?
LW: I definitely assume that ModCloth is not style-forward, we don’t wanna provide her whatever she’s going to be embarrassed via or tempted to throw away. When it comes to our fine as well as our aesthetic, we want to provide apparel that women can hold for a long time. I assume the area would be higher if each person should shop everywhere. But at the same time, that’s what ModCloth is surely centered on.


Courtesy of ModCloth
HG: Are there any particular silhouettes or prints you’re excited about right now?
LW: For our July series, that’s up right now, I’m first-rate enthusiastic about our ruffle patterns. Most of our ruffles are top notch. As some distance because the print goes, I truly love the Blue Ribbon Horse print, we have been stimulated by means of the concept of the country honest. So I love that print, and it’s a genuinely adorable linen material.


Courtesy of ModCloth
HG: Do you have any specific hopes for the boom of ModCloth in coming years?
LW: We virtually need to maintain to paintings on growing our community designs, prints and internal collection, so customers can come and buy certainly fine portions the layout and shop for a team have worked on. We additionally need to ensure that we hold to increase and speak out approximately what we consider is vital for our network. Especially with inclusivity and our surroundings. So proper now, for me at ModCloth, it’s absolutely about making sure what we’re doing, we’re doing proper, and making sure that human beings know approximately it.