Best Vapes For Weed Noobs

With stigmas associated with cannabis and cannabis culture quickly dissipating worldwide, many people are out there beginning to consider it a legitimate option for the treatment of anxiety symptoms. Not everyone knows enough about the cannabis Sativa plant to dive in headfirst and begin self-treating their symptoms of mental illness, though. There’s still plenty of options for people like this. It can be pretty easy to get a medical marijuana permit these days, so if you do, here are a few of the best vapes for weed noobs to help relieve different forms of anxiety.

    Bloom Farms makes some awesomely simple vape pens that anybody and everybody can enjoy. If you’ve never even smoked in your entire life and have only just begun being interested in consuming cannabis as medicine, Bloom Farms has you covered. They offer two main cartridges, one ‘daytime’ made with a Sativa strain and ‘nighttime’ made with an indica. The nighttime solution is most likely more beneficial to sufferers of anxiety due to its soothing properties. Still, Bloom Farms also ensured that their vape pens utilize a universal battery threading which means you’re totally free to try cartridges from other companies.

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Dosist: Calm

    If you’d prefer not to get high at all from your medicine, there’s a whole wide world of CBD and other cannabinoid-based medicinal products. Dosist’s ‘calm’ solution uses plenty of terpenes, including myrcene, which is known for its calming effects, and limonene and beta-caryophyllene, which show potential as natural anxiety relievers and painkillers. Sadly these aren’t really eco-friendly since they’re one-time use only. They do, however, have a nifty feature of vibrating every time you inhale 2.25mg so that you can be quite specific with your dosing regimen.

There are more medical products than anyone could ever hope to count in the cannabis industry today. While these are certainly not the best vapes for weed enthusiasts, they’re a good start for people searching for new ways to treat their illnesses.

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